Roles and tasks of the CSR manager

The CSR manager is a key figure responsible for ensuring that the company respects social, ecological and ethical standards. In addition to ensuring compliance with the rules governing the company, he or she is called upon to ensure the well-being of employees and the improvement of the environment. The roles and missions of a CSR manager are diverse and varied. They include:

  • Ensuring compliance with social and environmental responsibility laws and regulations.
  • Educating employees on the company's good practices in terms of social and environmental responsibility.
  • Implementing processes and procedures to improve the company's social and environmental performance.
  • Develop and implement strategies to improve the consideration of the social and environmental impacts of the company's activities.
  • Develop and implement a reporting system for the company's social and environmental performance.
  • Develop and implement programs and initiatives to improve employee health, safety and welfare.
  • Partner with NGOs and government agencies to promote and support social and environmental responsibility initiatives.
  • Provide information and advice to company management and staff on social and environmental responsibility issues.
  • Work closely with other departments to provide a holistic strategy for the implementation of CSR policies.
  • Provide information and advice to stakeholders on social and environmental responsibility issues.

The CSR Manager is not only responsible for ensuring that the company meets the standards

Salary and career development of a CSR manager

The salary of a CSR manager is very variable and can vary according to experience and skills. In France, it is most common for a CSR manager to be offered a gross annual salary. Here is a list of annual gross salaries (in euros) depending on experience:

  • 0 to 2 years: 45,000 to 55,000
  • 2 to 5 years: 55 000 to 65 000
  • 5 to 10 years: 65,000 to 75,000
  • 10 to 15 years: 75 000 to 90 000
  • More than 15 years: 90,000 to 105,000

A CSR manager can also move on to more technical and specialized jobs. Here are 5 possible jobs for a CSR manager who wishes to develop his or her career:

  • CSR analyst
  • CSR Consultant
  • Director of Sustainable Development
  • Manager of Sustainable Development Programs
  • Expert in Sustainability and Climate Change.

Advantages and disadvantages of being a CSR manager

  • Opportunity to contribute to the awareness of social and ecological responsibility issues among businesses and consumers.
  • Opportunity to develop and promote more sustainable practices throughout the company.
  • Opportunity to work with internal and external individuals to promote corporate social responsibility.
  • Opportunity to participate in awareness and advocacy initiatives for positive systemic change.
  • Opportunity to implement and manage social and environmental responsibility projects.
  • Additional requirements and responsibilities for the company, including compliance and reporting.
  • Targets and expectations can be high and difficult to achieve.
  • Struggling with stakeholder and media distrust.
  • Need to find innovative and sustainable solutions to address social and environmental responsibility issues.
  • Increased communication and marketing requirements to promote progress.

The latest job offers for CSR managers