Delve into the concept of finding

meaning at work in Southeast Asia

Explored the responses of 2,023 participants from six key Southeast Asian countries and defines what meaningful work means to today's workforce

What's in the report:
✅ Uncovered Southeast Asians' perspectives on meaningful work
✅ Identified motivations and challenges in seeking more meaningful roles
✅ Explored expectations from companies to enhance their sense of purpose at work

Job seekers, land a job that matters

Understand how others in the region are looking for more purpose in their careers and how you can leverage these insights to find your dream job

Recruiters, attract top talent

Learn about what talents are truly looking for, and leverage our insights to attract driven professionals with your organization

Comprehend and grasp what is a 'job with purpose'

Build a strong understanding of how SEA workforce perceives and define this notion

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Léa Klein, Jobs the makesense Asia CEO

"To meet our region's sustainability targets by 2030, we must accelerate the momentum we are seeing in this space. The workforce is increasingly committed to sustainability and DEIB practices, necessitating the expansion of sustainability-driven roles and upskilling programs. By mainstreaming sustainability across all levels of companies, these positions will become the new norm, ensuring the success of the entire region."

Francois Lancon, ManpowerGroup’s Regional President of Asia Pacific and Middle East

"It is encouraging to see the findings of this report align to our own core belief that meaningful work is a key driver of employee happiness, health and productivity,” Mr Lancon said. Today, as the acceleration of automation, a greater focus on Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG), and the emergence of generative AI reshapes industries and economies, organizations have more ability than ever to create opportunities for people to engage in purposeful and fulfilling work.”  

With this report, you'll be able to:

✅ Identify how to boost employee engagement in your SEA workforce

✅ Attract top talent who seeks purpose alongside paycheck

✅ Build a thriving work culture that resonates with the regional trend

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