Roles and tasks of the waste collector

Waste collectors play a very important role in our society. Their role is to ensure that household and industrial waste is collected and disposed of correctly. Their mission is crucial to maintaining a healthy and safe environment. Here are the main roles and tasks of a waste collector:

Collect solid, liquid and gaseous waste.

Ensuring that waste is handled and transported safely and securely.

Labelling and sorting waste.

Cleaning and maintenance of storage areas and collection trucks.

Ensuring that waste collection sites are well maintained and clean.

Training users in good waste management practices and applicable hygiene rules.

Compliance with health and safety rules and procedures.

Compliance with environmental and health legislation and requirements.

Measuring and recording quantities of waste collected for monitoring and reporting purposes.

Various upkeep and maintenance work on equipment and site.

A waste collector must be able to work efficiently to ensure the proper collection and treatment of waste. They must be able to comply with health and safety rules and procedures. They must also be aware of the need to protect the environment, by complying with environmental legislation and requirements relating to waste. Finally, they must also be able to train users in good waste management practices.

Salary and career development of a waste collector

The salary of a waste collector varies according to experience and responsibilities. The average gross annual salary in France is €18,000. Here are the gross annual salary ranges in France according to years of experience:

0 to 2 years: €16,000 to €18,000

2 to 5 years: €18,000 to €22,000

5 to 10 years: €22,000 to €28,000

10 to 15 years: €28,000 to €34,000

More than 15 years: €34,000 and over

There are several possible career paths for a waste collector:

Waste processing team leader

Waste manager

Waste recycling technician

Waste sorting master

Waste prevention officer

Advantages and disadvantages of waste collector


Decent, regular salary.

Opportunity to work outdoors and discover new places.

A good way to help preserve the environment.

Good training and opportunities for advancement within the company.

An excellent work team.


Working hours can be difficult and demanding.

Dangerous due to poor road conditions and long, exhausting journeys.

Often transferred to remote locations that are difficult to access.

Requires good physical condition and constant physical strength.

Can be difficult to manage in bad weather.

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