Roles and missions of the Advocacy Officer

Advocacy officers play a very important role in the process of implementing development policies, programs and initiatives. Their main responsibilities are to promote and defend the interests and objectives of the group to which they belong. The main tasks of an advocacy officer are to

Develop and implement advocacy strategies and programs to defend the interests and rights of the groups they are responsible for.

Identify and analyze opportunities and obstacles to influence policy-makers and stakeholders for lobbying purposes.

Develop and implement advocacy plans, campaigns and targeted initiatives on a local, regional, national or international scale.

Demonstrate excellent communication skills and ability to engage with policy-makers and stakeholders at various levels.

Research and document information as accurately as possible in order to promote and defend the interests and objectives of the group they work with.

Develop relationships and work with strategic groups and partners.

Organize meetings and workshops to promote and support the interests and objectives of the group they serve.

Write reports, press releases and advocacy documents.

Participate in regional and international conferences and forums.

Conduct research and surveys on issues relating to the protection of the rights and interests of the groups they work with.

Salary and career development of an advocacy officer

An advocacy officer represents an organization and defends its interests with public authorities, the media and partners. Annual salaries in France can vary according to experience. They are as follows:

0 to 2 years: average €40,000 gross per year

2 to 5 years: average €45,000 gross per annum

5 to 10 years: average €50,000 gross per annum

10 to 15 years: average €55,000 gross annually

Over 15 years: average €60,000 gross per annum

It's possible to become an expert in strategic advocacy with a career as an advocacy officer. Here are 5 possible career paths for an advocacy officer:

Policy manager

Public relations specialist

Campaign organizer

Social media strategist

Public affairs consultant

Advantages and disadvantages of Chargé de plaidoyer / chargé de plaidoyer


Opportunity to focus on issues you're passionate about.

Opportunity to make a difference in the world by taking initiatives that can have a significant impact.

The opportunity to take part in high-level dialogues and influence policy and practice.

Opportunity to work in a dynamic environment.

Opportunity to travel for professional purposes to meet and establish contacts with policy-makers.


High pressure to meet ambitious targets.

Strong competition for advocacy positions.

Long working hours.

Frequent travel to meet key people and analyze policies and practices.

Possible negative repercussions if advocacy does not achieve its objectives.

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