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Which environmental professions are recruiting?

For those who wish to undertake a professionalization in the environmental sector, there are many job opportunities. Environmental manager in a company, engineer, field actor or profiles with cross-functional skills in finance, HR, communication or project management, are necessary in the field of the environment. In the range of opportunities in the sector, here are ideas for jobs that are recruiting.

Working in environmental protection

Natural areas maintenance officer

As a maintenance agent, you develop and maintain ecosystems to preserve their biological qualities.

Recommended studies: accessible with a course in agricultural CAP or BEP option spatial planning.

Skills required: have technical skills in clearing, mowing. Know the environmental standards, be able to work outdoors.

Remuneration: salary starting between 1800€ and 2000€ gross per month

Workplaces: within ecological engineering companies, natural parks, local authorities.

Example of structures that recruit in this profession: Mairie de Nanterre

Engineer in industrial risk management

Becoming an engineer in industrial risk management means being able to measure and anticipate material, human and environmental risks. Your goal is to preserve the site and the employees with a view to sustainable development.

Recommended studies: a bac+5 level engineering school diploma, Master Pro Sciences and Technologies, Master in the QHSE field or title of engineer in the industrial or environmental field.

Required skills: know how to manage a project, carry out an audit, ensure the regulatory compliance of a project, be able to determine risk reduction actions. Be organized, rigorous, have good interpersonal skills to communicate with the various stakeholders.

Remuneration: starting salary of 2300€ gross per month

Training: Le Mastère spécialisé de l’Ise to develop skills in QHSE

Work environment: in design offices, on industrial production sites and classified facilities, in consulting and engineering companies specializing in the industrial field.


Hydrogeology is a branch of Earth sciences that studies underground water tables and the influence of human activities on them. He/she establishes a diagnosis of the pollution and can think of sustainable sanitation solutions (for example by using aquatic plants).

Studies: BTS in hydrogeology, a professional Master's degree or training provided in engineering schools.

To do and love this job: be mobile, master English, be comfortable with computers. To be a pedagogue and a good communicator.

Remuneration: starting salary of 1900€ for a technician and 3000€ for an engineer

Place of work: in a design office, as a territorial civil servant or in his own company.

Environment Manager

As an environmental manager, you are responsible for designing, leading and managing the application of a company's environmental and sustainable development policy. Your function complements that of the quality and safety manager. You act as a coordinator between the different managers to build a collective action plan.

Studies: to access this position, have a BAC + 3, a BAC + 4 or + 5 with a few years of experience.

To do and love this job: have good knowledge of environmental regulations. Be rigorous, methodical. Have very good interpersonal skills, good listening skills, good stress management, be a negotiator, know how to lead meetings.

Trainings: IET, ISE, Green Management School, l’Ecole 3A

Lieu de travail : entreprises du privé dans tous secteurs, organismes publics de prévention et de contrôle.

Train in one of the new professions in the sector


As a value agent, you reuse, recycle and value objects or materials and you choose the transformation processes for those that cannot be reused as they are.

Studies: no diploma/certification prepares you specifically for this job. Taking training in recycling and sorting (eg: CAP operator of recycling industries) can help develop skills in this area. Depending on the structure and the precise nature of the position entrusted, certification in a specific technical field (example: carpentry), in sales, or in handling, can be an asset.

To do and love this job: have good interpersonal skills, be curious, have certain skills in recovery, physical skills (handling), be creative, vigilant about the value of the objects collected.

Starting salary: 1500 gross/month

Trainings : Prinec, MakeICI for training as a recycling technician in the building sector

Workplace: local authorities, resource and recycling centers, waste recovery associations

Example of structures that recruit in this profession: La FABRIC’À, la Réserve des Arts

Cycle mechanic

In this position, you work on all types of bikes: city, racing, mountain bikes, hybrid bikes and more and more electric bikes.

Recommended studies: being self-taught, passionate about cycling and connoisseur of mechanics can be enough to ensure this job. Training can complement knowledge in this area.

To do and love this job: love the world of cycling, have an interest in techniques related to bicycle mechanics. Be precise, rigorous and attentive to the customer.

Training: the formation mé cycle de MakeICI

Place of work: in a major sports brand, a company specializing in cycling, bike rental or as a freelancer.

Example of structures that recruit in this profession: Olvo, Viraj mobilités

In this job, you design an industrial product taking into account its entire life cycle, from its manufacture to its disposal. You can do this for a multitude of sectors.

Studies: The training ranges from bac + 3 level (assistant position) to bac + 5 level (engineer level).

To do and love this job: know the standards and regulations, the life cycle of products and manufacturing processes. Ability to work in project mode. Ability to work in a team and lead meetings.

Trainings: Prinec, the Ecological Engineering Masters of blue eco-formation

Place of work: in a company, for a consulting firm or as a freelancer.

Example of companies that recruit in this profession:, La Coopérative Mu

Choosing a transversal profession in the field of the environment

A few examples of companies in the environmental sector that recruit for general trades

👉 Communications officer at the WWF

👉 Responsible finance consultant at Greenaffair

👉Responsible Purchasing and Sourcing Manager at Beesk

👉 Responsible digital project manager at Iroco 

👉 Human Resources Officer at Lemon Tri

Integrating environmental issues into your current job

👉 To integrate the challenges of climate transition into your current job, there is training Indigo

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