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5 professions for retraining in the environment with or without the baccalaureate

To exercise a profession in the field of the environment, it is not necessary to have attended an engineering school, a master's degree specializing in hydrogeology, electrical engineering or to have completed long studies in the development of renewable energies. . There are also professions that recruit more for the professional experience of the candidate than on the basis of several years of environmental education. Here is a list of 5 professions that recruit in this field, accessible with short training courses.

Valorist agent

The agent enhances, reuses, recycles and enhances the life cycle of objects or materials and chooses the transformation processes for those that cannot be reused as is.

Studies: no diploma/certification prepares you specifically for this job.

Taking training in recycling and sorting (eg: CAP operator of recycling industries) can help develop skills in this area. Depending on the structure and the precise nature of the position entrusted, certification in a specific technical field (example: carpentry), in sales, or in handling, can be an asset.

To do and love this job: have good interpersonal skills, be curious, have certain skills in recovery, physical skills (handling), be creative, vigilant about the value of the objects collected.

Starting salary: 1500 gross/month

Trainings : MakeICI for training as a recycling technician in the building sector

Workplace: local authorities, resource and recycling centers, waste recovery associations

Example of structures that recruit in this profession: La FABRIC’À, la Réserve des Arts


As a forest ranger, you oversee the preservation, construction sites and afforestation of the forest estate on which you work. You intervene in case of disease on a tree. You educate walkers and advise them on the precautions to take in the forest.

Recommended education: The public sector recruits forest rangers through public service competitions organized by the ONF. Applicants must be between 16 and 25 years old. To start practicing this profession in the private sector, it is however necessary to have at least the BTSA in forest management and therefore to pass an equivalent of the baccalaureate.

To do and love this job: love working outdoors. Have a good physical condition and know how to handle agricultural tools. Be observant, skilful, enduring. Have good interpersonal skills to make walkers aware of their environmental impacts and avoid polluting behavior. Know the flora, fauna and forest law to ensure the regulatory compliance of its activity.

Remuneration: starting salary close to minimum wage

Workplace: in forest areas managed by organizations or individuals, national parks, natural parks.

Example of a structure that recruits in this profession: EcoTree

Natural areas maintenance officer

In the field of environmental protection, the job of a maintenance worker consists of developing and maintaining ecosystems to preserve their biological qualities.

Recommended studies: accessible with a course in CAP/BPA “Landscaping works” under an apprenticeship contract or a professionalization contract. A solid experience in the sector also makes it possible to enter the profession without a particular diploma.

Skills required: have technical skills in clearing, mowing. Take an interest in flora and fauna. Know the environmental standards, be able to work outdoors. Be versatile, autonomous and rigorous.

Remuneration: salary starting between 1800€ and 2000€ gross per month

Training: CAP in Landscape Works or BTS in Nature Management and Protection at the IET, after graduation.

Workplaces: within ecological engineering companies, natural parks, local authorities.

Example of structures that recruit in this profession: Mairie de Nanterre

Cycle mechanic

The position of cycle mechanic is one of the new environmental professions which contributes to the development of soft mobility. In this position, you work on all types of bikes: city, racing, mountain bikes, hybrid bikes and more and more electric bikes.

Recommended studies: being self-taught, passionate about cycling and connoisseur of mechanics can be enough to ensure this job. Training can complement knowledge in this area.

To do and love this job: love the world of cycling, have specialized skills in bicycle mechanics. Be precise, rigorous, careful, meticulous and attentive to the customer.

Remuneration: starting salary between 1100€ and 1300€/month

Training: the formation mé cycle de MakeICI

Place of work: in a major sports brand, a company specializing in cycling, bike rental or as a freelancer.

Example of structures that recruit in this profession: Olvo, Viraj mobilités

Expert in the cultivation of plants and garden plants, horticulture brings together a multitude of specialties:,, market gardener.e, nurseryman. In each of his areas of expertise, he.she is responsible for implementing the sowing, production (cuttings, grafts, etc.), maintenance (pruning, watering, etc.), and harvesting of plant species intended for the sale.

Recommended studies: Agricultural CAP (CAPA) agricultural trades in 2 years after the 3rd. Agricultural professional certificate (BPA) horticultural production work in apprenticeship in 2 years after the 3rd or in 1 year after the CAPA. Professional baccalaureate horticultural productions in 3 years after the 3rd or in 2 years after a CAP in the sector.

To do and love this job: Be ready to work outside. Know the biology of plants, their enemies and their pathologies. Have good memory skills, to remember the names of the different varieties. Be an Having a sense of business is important if the is in charge of the sale.

Remuneration: starting salary around minimum wage

Trainings: Abiosol

Work environment: independent, within a nursery, in a small-scale horticultural company, within a local authority.

Example of structures that recruit in this profession: Les jeunes Pousses, Halage

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