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7 proposals for training in responsible marketing

Since it has been key in the formation of desirable imaginations, marketing can also be a strategic field to convey strong messages around ecological and social awareness. Present in a majority of organizations, marketing is declined in various professions, such as communication, web design, graphic design or digital marketing. These professions must and can all include ecological and social responsibility. How to train as a newcomer or as a marketing professional to change the way brands communicate? What tools should you put in place to convey the right messages, without deviating towards greenwashing? We present here 7 trainings to increase your skills in this field.

The different courses in responsible marketing

To develop your marketing skills

Bee Yoo

The Bee Yoo consulting firm offers short training sessions of 2 to 3 days to all marketing and communication professionals wishing to improve their skills by giving a responsible dimension to their job. The trainings revolve around sustainable marketing, eco-communication and responsible digital.

What about financing ? The training is eligible for the Opco. (to Pôle Emploi ?)

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Primary Pink

As a responsible communication and digital agency, Rose primaire also trains professionals on these subjects via short 4-day modules, either in Toulouse or online. For example, the organization offers a specific training to implement an engaging communication, encouraging changes in behavior.

What about financing ? The training is eligible for Opco, (Pôle Emploi?)

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A school that trains professionals to have more social and environmental impact in their business, Indigo's marketing training teaches you how to build a responsible strategy from the ground up. The course is 100% online and consists of 15 hours of classes in 5 sessions.

What about financing ? The training is eligible for the Opco and the Professional Training Account (Cpf), at Pôle Emploi.

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Intuit Lab Pro

If you want to integrate an ethical and eco-responsible dimension into your design and communication skills, Intuit Lab Pro, the professional training institute of the Intuit Lab school, offers you a two-month training course on these subjects, in Paris.

What about financing ? The training is eligible for the Opco and the Professional Training Account (Cpf), and for Pôle Emploi.

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For a professional orientation or retraining


Ulule, the participatory financing platform also offers training in the field of marketing, for any entrepreneur wishing to launch his or her webmarketing project! During 10 weeks, online, entrepreneurs learn to train in digital marketing techniques.

What about financing ? The training is eligible for the Opco and the Professional Training Account (Cpf), and for Pôle Emploi.

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Sup de Com

Sup de Com's 3-year Bachelor's program trains you in responsible communication strategies by helping you understand the challenges of transition, the drivers of citizen engagement and alternative governance. In Paris, it is possible to do the training in alternating years and also to follow other programs, in Master's degree for example.

What about financing ? In the case of a work-study program, the tuition fees are paid by the company. There are also local and national financing solutions such as scholarships to help you finance your training. You can contact the school to find out what options are available.

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The Lucie training center offers short 2-day courses, in person or online, on responsible digital technology, responsible communication and also teaches you how to manage a responsible project.

What about financing ? The training is eligible to the Opco and to the Pôle Emploi ?

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Examples of high impact jobs in the marketing sector

Examples of possible marketing jobs include:

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