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Feature - Working in tech and making a difference. These organizations are doing it !

In this article, we told you about the challenges of the impact sector and the role of technology and data in addressing them. We continue this series by introducing you to impact organizations that have made tech their core business and to HSEs that need skilled professionals in new technologies.

The importance of technology to the impact sector

Fintech, GreenTech, EcoTech, Kezako? In several sectors, impact organizations are making tech their core business. Here are some examples: 

The Fintech

Finance is now one of the most polluting sectors. In France alone, the top 6 French banks have allocated nearly $350 billion to fossil fuels since 2016, and their emissions are 8 times higher than those of all of France, according to Oxfam's 2020 report. They fund them with money placed in their customers' bank accounts. Some fintechs are thus rethinking financial services and shaking up the codes to meet these challenges. Mobile and ethical banks, such as Helios , for example, invest their customers' money in impact projects. There are also platforms like to place its 

money in sustainable investments.

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GreenTech and CleanTech

Apart from banks, other sectors pollute massively, such as construction, which accounts for ⅓ of GHG emissions. Technologies exist today to perform carbon impact studies in this sector, such as that of SustainEcho , which allows to quickly perform Life Cycle Analyses of future constructions, thanks to Machine Learning and AI. In all sectors, measuring one's carbon footprint is a necessity to implement concrete actions. Thanks to Data, the company Carbometrix thus analyzes the carbon data of the structures it audits, in all types of sectors.

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Regarding the agriculture and food sectors, professionals are also coming to shake up traditional practices that are not very virtuous, using technological tools. Migrating Cooks advocates for diversity in the culinary community, for example via an e-commerce site where you can order dishes prepared by refugee chefs. You may also be familiar with Too good to go , the mobile app that tackles food waste? You can buy unsold food from merchants near you!

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Tech can also be useful in the social sector, to help professionals in their daily tasks, such as the Pupil app, which supports family guardians in their responsibilities. It also serves solidarity by creating links between publics more easily: Entourage thus builds local solidarity by connecting local residents and homeless people, thanks to an application. To cite one last one, the association Techfugees has created a professional social network dedicated to refugees.

In short, you will have understood that tech products and services can serve the social and environmental cause! Logically, tech organizations recruit professionals with tech skills but these skills are also sought after in more "traditional" organizations...

Technology skill needs

Today, many HSEs need new technology skills on their team to manage a site, its cybersecurity, or to analyze a large amount of customer data.

This is the case of : 

The Bicycle Hive, which makes soft mobility in the city accessible. The team is recruiting web developers, UX/UI or even Product owner to manage its site.

Les Restos du cœur , the association that helps the most needy people by providing clothing, food donations and social inclusion. It may need data analysts to manage the large amount of data it collects.

Alter Watt , an impact company that fights C02 by acting on the energy efficiency of buildings. Specializing in energy studies, the startup is recruiting energy data analysts and computer developers who can create tools to optimize processes internally.

The AP-HP Foundation, which supports hospital staff and research, needs data science professionals to manage patient health data and information systems to create the infrastructure needed to process that data.

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Did you like this article? In the next and last article of this file, you will find some ideas of possible jobs in tech and data and ideas of training to put your skills at the service of the ecological and social transition!

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