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How do I start a cover letter ?

At school, teachers used to say "the introduction" is what makes you want to read the rest of your essay. What if it were the same for your cover letter? A good introduction, a good first impression, can make all the difference. So how do you start your cover letter, so that it stands out from the rest? Here are 5 sample paragraphs to get you started!

Cover letter layout

To get you started, here's a quick reminder of how to write an effective cover letter;

Top of the letter

In the top left-hand corner of your letter, you can enter your contact details, and on the right-hand side, the recipient's contact details. If you have the name of the person to whom your letter is addressed, that's even better! Don't hesitate to add it. You can often find this information on the job advertisement or on the page dedicated to unsolicited applications on the organization's website. If not, there's good old LinkedIn to find the right HR person or recruiter.

The object

For example, it could be: "application for the position of [job title]" or "unsolicited application for a position in [job title]"or "unsolicited application letter in the [name of sector of activity]". 

The body of the cover letter

Then the body of the letter is usually written in 3 paragraphs, 4 max!

The first paragraph serves as an introduction and is there to introduce you. 

The second is for you to talk about your strengths and professional experience. You can also talk about your soft skills in this section.

Finally, the 3rd allows you to conclude this future win-win partnership between you and the organization.

The greeting

Now that's a classic for writing a cover letter: polite formulas. For example, "Please accept, Madam, Sir, my distinguished regards" or "My sincere regards" or "my respectful regards".


If you're sending a curriculum vitae (cv) and a letter of recommendation in addition to your cover letter, for example, you can specify this at the end of your letter, before the polite "Please find enclosed my cv and a letter of recommendation". Attachments can be sent via email.

The handwritten signature

To finalize your cover letter, you can sign it digitally, or by hand ;)

7 examples of how to start a cover letter

To stand out to recruiters right from the start of your cover letter, here are 5 ways to express your motivation for your target position.

Beginning of a letter for a first job

Eager to put my empathy and dedication at the service of others, I am applying for my first job as a home care assistant. My sensitivity and my desire to support vulnerable people, lead me to want to join your caring team to help improve their daily lives.

Start of original letter

Like a virtuous loop that endlessly renews itself, my passion for the circular economy drives me more and more every day. My desire is to join your team and orchestrate together a ballet of sustainable innovation, where eco-responsible ideas intertwine to shape a more virtuous future.

Start of letter based on previous professional experience

With three years of exciting experience in energy renovation, I'd like to put my know-how to work for your company. Your commitment to offering your customers ever more efficient installations is in line with my career plan, which is to ride the wave of the latest innovations in energy efficiency.

Start of a letter for an unsolicited application 

Attracted by the ecological and solidarity-based values that drive your recycling center, I'm sending you my unsolicited application to join your team. Committed to responsible consumption and passionate about the circular economy, I'd love to put my sales skills to work for a structure like yours.

Beginning of a letter as part of a professional retraining programme

Driven by my desire for change and new challenges, I'm looking to make a career change. From teacher to trainer in collective intelligence, I am driven by a passion for guiding and inspiring individuals towards collaborative and innovative practices.

Start the letter with a company news item

The latest radio interview with your director, talking about your new textile recycling innovation, was fascinating. I was delighted to hear about your job offer for an engineer to help launch this innovation, so I'm sending you my application for the position.

Start of a cover letter for an internship

Having joined a journalism school at the beginning of the year, I'm looking for my first experience in the field. Concerned by the future of our coasts and oceans, joining your editorial team in the maritime section would be a great opportunity for me to take my first steps on subjects I'm passionate about.

5 things to remember when writing a cover letter!

🖊️ Proofread your letter carefully to avoid spelling mistakes;

A 🇦 Choose legible typography

🗝️  Include keywords from the offer in your letter

📩  Upload attachments (resume and cover letter) in pdf format

🙅  Avoid copying and pasting! You can draw inspiration from free cover letter templates on the Internet, but it's your spontaneity and authenticity that will make the difference, so avoid copying an existing cover letter from A to Z to create a letter.

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