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How to make an unsolicited application for an internship ?

When looking for an internship, as well as for a full-time or part-time job, you have two options: respond to existing job offers or make unsolicited applications. Approaching someone spontaneously is like taking a chance on that girl/boy, you might get a yes, or a no. But nothing ventured, nothing gained, right? Here are some tips on how to submit an unsolicited application for an internship.

Why send unsolicited applications?

A crush!

If an organization attracts you because of its mission or values, that's already a good reason to apply. You may have been seduced by what you read about the organization on their website, in a press article, on professional social networks. You may also have had a good feeling with one of the members of the structure or with the founder, met for example during an event. Whatever the reason for your interest, feel legitimate to contact them to apply spontaneously.

Highlight your unusual profile

You can't find your way through the jungle of job openings? Your career path is not linear and you have many strings to your bow? It may be difficult for you to apply for highly structured job offers or those that require an old-fashioned application process. In this case, why not apply for a job in your own way by means of an unsolicited application? This possibility can allow you to talk about yourself and your skills in complete freedom, without the requirements of a classic application.

How to submit an unsolicited application?

To get in touch with an organization, without responding to a job opening, you can for example send them a cover letter and a resume by e-mail.

How to write an unsolicited application email

To send your resume and cover letter, you can write an accompanying e-mail. You can write this application email by filling out the contact form on the organization's website. Alternatively, you can use the generic contact address on their website and attach your resume and cover letter. As for the recipient of the email, if you have the contact details of someone in-house, that's great! Take the opportunity to write directly to this person.

Key information to mention in the spontaneous application email

The reasons for your contact.

For example "Your e-commerce platform around eco-responsible fashion has greatly aroused my interest and made me want to send you a spontaneous application."

The type of work contract you are looking for

Here, an internship contract.

Some elements about your motivations

To make the recruiter want to continue reading your spontaneous application letter and your resume, give them a little bit about you too.

An example of a motivation email

Hello Mr. XXX,

I discovered your impact investment fund by reading your last article on the financing of a hydroelectric power plant. As I am myself convinced of the interest of investing my money in structures, like your fund, financing projects for the ecological transition, I am sending you my unsolicited application to join a position with you.

Having commercial skills, I can accompany you in the search of new customers or on the creation of partnerships. To understand how my skills could be useful to you, you can continue the discovery of my profile by reading my cover letter attached.

Sincerely yours,

First name, Last name

To write a spontaneous application letter

Highlight your interest in the company's mission

Writing a letter to apply for an internship is not that different from writing a letter to apply for a job. The main difference is that instead of focusing on the connections between you and the job opening, you look at the connections between you and the organization. In the impact sector, organizations are more interested in mission and soft skills than in technical skills. We talked about it in this article: What skills are SSE recruiters looking for ?

Highlighting your strengths

You can also highlight the strengths in your cover letter that you have that the company could use. What might the company need? What types of missions can you help them with thanks to your area of expertise ?

Anticipate the company's needs

Find out more about the company in order to better understand its needs and to have a clear idea of the profiles that could be useful to it. You can also contact the company's reception desk or an HR representative to explain your application process and ask for information on their human resources needs. The information gathered will be useful in adjusting your application.

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For writing your resume for a spontaneous application

Same thing here, to submit spontaneous applications, the cv (curriculum vitae) is a must! It will allow recruiters to know more about your background, your first associative, academic or professional experiences.

A CV generally has 4 to 5 sections:

About you

My background

My professional experience

My skills

My interests

Here, you can create a title "unsolicited application" and give a little more information on the subject of your application in the "about me" section. Here is an example:

"First year Master 1 student in digital eco-design, I am looking for a 6 month internship in this field, starting in May 2023."

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Going through recruitment agencies

To apply spontaneously, it is also possible to go through recruitment agencies specialized by sector or not!

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