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Tips for writing an original cover letter

Are you looking for an internship, permanent or temporary job? Often, to apply for a job and land a job interview, a cover letter is required! What if you allowed yourself some originality? In the pile of applications received by recruiters, it could be a way of standing out from the crowd. But how do you go about it? How do you write a convincing letter? Is it better to focus on tone? Form? Your personality? A letter that unfolds like origami when you open it isn't exactly what you'd expect when you think of originality... You can do a lot simpler than that! Here are our tips for writing an original cover letter.

5 basics for writing cover letters

Before we talk about originality, here's a rundown of the basics to include in your cover letter: 

#1 Working on the layout

You can construct your letter in several parts: 3 paragraphs is a good basis! For example, you could start with a section on your interest in the company or sector, a second section on your skills and experience, and a final section outlining the mutual benefits you and the organization could derive from working together. In each section, the important thing is to get straight to the point!

#2 Learn about the organization

Writing a cover letter requires you to be well informed about the organization and its sector of activity. Find out what the job offer entails, so you can relate it to your knowledge and skills. For an unsolicited application, you can build bridges between yourself and the organization, its values and current events.

#3 Talk about your strengths

Why should the organization choose you over someone else? What are your strengths for the proposed position? What do you have in common with the organization's values, professions and/or processes?

4# Illustrate with examples

Writing a good cover letter also means illustrating each professional experience with at least one example! If you want a recruiter to understand your strengths, you need to explain them in order to highlight them. For example, "As a school teacher, I've learned to manage the emotions of anxious or frustrated pupils, and I've developed ease in my pedagogical communication to encourage their learning and self-fulfilment."

#5 A polite greeting

Whether conventional or original, cover letters often require a polite formula at the end. Examples of polite formulas include: "Madam X, please accept my best regards" or "Please accept, Madam, Sir, my best regards".

5 tips for an original cover letter

To catch the recruiter's eye, here are 5 simple tips for being original: 

💯 Be authentic: to be original, sometimes you need look no further than being yourself! You certainly have your own originality, your own way of speaking, a personality trait that sets you apart and can make all the difference. Give recruiters a bit of you! For example, "What gives me strength is the collective! I want to manage a team, just as I've come to understand my role as a leader on a basketball team: by listening, being attentive to others and organizing on the court the creation of group synergy."

🗣️ Adopt a certain tone: the originality of your letter can also be found in the tone you use. Of course, the idea is not to adopt a colloquial tone or to be familiar with your reader, but rather to express things simply as you would have said them. And if you feel like adopting a humorous or metaphorical tone, why not!

🎨Play on the layout: thanks to Canva, Photoshop or Illustrator, you can also work on the visual aspect of your letter to make it stand out. If you're applying for a job in communications, graphic design or an artistic profession, it could be fun to play on this dimension. Do you like music? Poetry? Storytelling? Maybe you could try a format like that to introduce yourself?

🤭Telling an anecdote: Sharing a story that took place during a drunken evening is a no-no. On the other hand, if you have anecdotes related to previous professional, academic or associative experiences under your belt that can make you shine, don't hesitate! 🌟

💬 Share a quote: an author or personality inspires you? You can try a quote! The important thing is to keep it relevant to your letter. It could be about your personality, or something related to the job you're applying for. For example, you can write your quote in the introduction to your letter, and explain why you share this thought;

⚠️ Beware, however, that depending on the type of position you're applying for, originality can be more or less risky (accounting, management control, finance or conventional organizations). If the organization's website adopts a very formal tone, for example, perhaps a completely offbeat tone won't have the desired effect.

Sample cover letter

Here's an original 3-part cover letter template!

First and last name




Last name First name or company name of addressee



Re: application for the position of energy renovation project manager. Let's make buildings green!

Faced with the urgency of climate change, I've decided to turn my hand to energy-efficient building renovation. A fan of the "Pillars of the Earth" books, I'd like to take part in the construction of buildings. Not churches, but sustainable buildings to meet the challenges of my time and build a better future. My dream is to transform existing buildings into examples of energy efficiency, while preserving their identity and history.

I had the honor of renovating a period house. First, I used my technical skills to identify sources of energy waste, like an investigator on the trail of a mystery to be solved. Then, like a chemist, I concocted sustainable solutions: high-performance insulation, discreet solar panels, high-performance windows... While preserving its charm, this house now has a touch of eco-responsible modernity. The owners were amazed.

It's this same sense of wonder that I want to see in every project I carry out for your customers. My ambition is to contribute to this green revolution, by bringing you my expertise, creativity and determination to do the right thing. Joining XXX would give me the opportunity to grow professionally and flourish in an environment where innovation and environmental awareness are shared values.

Please find my CV attached for further information and I would be happy to arrange an interview.

Thanking you for your attention to my application, I send you my warmest energetic greetings.

[Handwritten signature]

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