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The layout of your cover letter

In cover letter, there is, there is... Layout!

Focusing on content and highlighting your strengths is all well and good, but the form of a letter also counts. A good cover letter must respect a few classic codes! And, depending on the type of position you're applying for, you can also get a little fancy with the layout. We'll tell you all about it in this article. Enjoy your reading! 🤓

The 5 must-haves of cover letter layout

Here are the classic, but key, ingredients for concocting a cover letter that's just right for recruiters.

#1 Choose a font that's easy to read

Are you inclined to choose an original typeface to stand out from the crowd? Okay, but make sure you choose a clear one, so that no one needs a magnifying glass to decipher you! 🔎 Originality can be found in more than just the font (we talked about it in this article). Classic fonts that are always fun to read? Arial, Roboto, Raleway or Montserrat, for example!

#2 Aerate the text 

A big block of text on a piece of paper isn't much fun to read. To write a fluid cover letter, don't hesitate to space your sentences using line spacing (1.5 is good!) and to separate each paragraph. You can divide your letter into 3 parts, with the first paragraph presenting your interest in the company or sector for which you're applying. Then, write a second section on your skills and experience, and a final section outlining the mutual benefits of this collaboration, for both you and the organization. Also, avoid long sentences! Getting straight to the point will help you summarize.

#3 Take care of the top of the letter

When we talk about the top of the letter, we mean the part where you write your contact details and those of the recipient, followed by the subject of your letter. Remember to include the recipient's name and address in the top right-hand corner of your letter. As for the subject line, to make it clear, use the job title from the job advertisement;

  For example:"application for the position of energy renovation project manager."

#4 Write a polite greeting

Same thing, it's a classic, and it may seem a bit "old-fashioned", "formal", but at the end of your letter, the polite formula will be appreciated!

For example, it could be: "Mrs X, please accept my best regards".

#5 Download the letter in the right format

Once you've written your cover letter, you can download it in pdf format so as not to distort the whole thing! Sending it in Word or odt (Open Document) format is not as good!

🚨 And of course, careful layout also means proofreading to avoid spelling mistakes!

How to write an atypical cover letter  

To create a cover letter that stands out from the crowd, you can also try an original layout, in a variety of ways! Here are 4 of them: 

#1 Play on the visual

Using Canva, Illustrator or other design software, you can add colors and illustrations to your letter to make it stand out from the crowd. Finally, it all depends on the position you're applying for! If you're applying for a job in art, graphic design, communications or marketing, this may well help. On the other hand, if you're applying for jobs where creativity isn't expected, such as accountancy, finance, notary... focusing on the visual may not be necessary.

#2 Write a handwritten letter 

If you have beautiful, legible handwriting, a handwritten, vintage-style letter is another way to differentiate yourself through layout! They'll feel that you've put time and effort into it, and it'll give it that extra personal touch!

#3 Choose a different format from the official letter

As with the cv (curriculum vitae), you can also choose to completely adapt your letter via an original format! Video, computer graphics, song, comic strip... it's up to you to let your creativity flow. On jobs_that_makesense, for example, when you apply for a vacancy, you're often asked pre-selection questions when you apply, to demonstrate your motivation. And a cover letter is not necessarily required;

Here are just a few examples of the questions we've asked:  Briefly, what in your professional/personal career has led you to want to sail with us? Tell us about an experience that you think shows that this job is right for you. Tell us about the sales experience you're most proud of and why :)

#4 Writing a motivational e-mail

Another original format is the motivational e-mail, which replaces the letter! If a letter isn't required in the job posting, this is something you can do to share your motivations for the position. We gave you 5 examples of unsolicited application emails in this article !

Sample cover letter

To give you a better idea of the structure of a typical cover letter, here's a sample letter for an unsolicited application in the circular economy.

First and last name




Last name First name or company name of addressee



Subject: unsolicited application letter for a position in the circular economy

Dear Sir/Madam,

I'm delighted to apply for a position with your company. Sensitive to environmental issues, your latest innovation to recycle clothing caught my attention. I'd like to put my skills to work in an organization like yours, which invests in R&D to help preserve our planet.

With a background in textile waste recovery and professional experience in a second-hand social enterprise, I have solid expertise that will enable me to contribute to your ambitious projects. My approach to the circular economy is proactive and creative, optimizing processes and reducing environmental footprints. For example, I have set up strategic partnerships with local associations to recover used textiles, enabling more raw materials to be recovered. I have also developed an innovative sorting system to maximize the reuse potential of collected textiles.

Working for your company would be a source of personal and professional fulfillment for me, enabling me to put my skills to good use for a cause that is close to my heart. I'm convinced that our shared values of sustainability, integrity and innovation are an excellent basis for working together towards a more sustainable future.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you would like to discuss this matter in person. Yours sincerely

[Handwritten signature]

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