Professional retraining guide

The 32 professions that are recruiting for retraining with impact

In 2021 in France, 49% of working people have considered, initiated or carried out a retraining. Boredom, lack of meaning, malaise linked to the pressure undergone. The Covid crisis had an impact on professional life, and many French people started thinking about career changes at that time. This desire for change has led to a craze for skills assessments and retraining projects. Added to this is the challenge of our century, saving the planet! A major project on which we can act on our own scale, via the same lever that is work.

If you too want to find a new path and you ask:

  • How do I get started in the impactful professional life?
  • What can I do to exercise my profession more responsibly?
  • How can I change for a job that recruits with impact and that meets my professional desires?
  • What professional training exists to change paths?

…This article might interest you!

We have made you a list of professions that are recruiting and will recruit in the coming years to respond to social and environmental issues.

📢 Our little notes before you start reading

Beyond the job titles, look at the skills required for each position, because the titles are different from one structure to another.

The missions, the salary and the prerequisites for reorienting your career in the professions that will follow vary significantly according to your profile, the type of employer and the sectors.

Don't forget that nothing is fixed and that it is better to try to apply than to be discouraged by an ad that is not quite aligned with your profile.

Reconversion in the renovation of buildings

The construction industry is one of the leading employer sectors in France. About 167,000 new jobs could see the light of day in 2022. The problem is that it is responsible for 1⁄4 of national GHG emissions, it is a very energy-intensive sector of activity. To reduce its impact, the government has developed a recovery plan for the energy renovation of buildings in 2020 and there are many job offers in this field.

Project manager in energy renovation

If you are thinking of converting to energy renovation, your job will be to save energy for your customers. You advise individuals, accompany the client and the workers on the site and check the quality of the materials with the suppliers.

Recommended studies and training

BTS, DUT, BAC+2 as project manager in building energy renovation or equivalent.

La Solive offers training to develop professionally in energy renovation

Skills to retrain in this job

Have at least a first experience in building engineering, basics in environmental performance, know thermal and energy calculations, master environmental certifications. Follow the new regulations related to energy savings, the evolution of materials and equipment to advise customers. Be comfortable in project management, have good interpersonal skills and good leadership. Be organized, rigorous and autonomous.


3300 - 4100 gross/month.

Companies that recruit

With an actor in energy renovation, in a design office, consulting firm, as a self-employed person.

Example of structures that recruit in this profession: Sénova, Innovales

And also :

  • Work for a platform like SustainEcho, which automates Life Cycle Assessments of construction projects.
  • Or at Accenta, which decarbonizes the heating and air conditioning of buildings

Retraining in business transformation

If you haven't studied or started a career in impact, you don't really need to learn a new job and completely change your career path. For example, you can change jobs in your sector, evolve in the job you currently have or simply change teams. Finance, marketing, purchasing, digital, HR… all branches must transform to begin the transition and the possibilities for retraining are numerous. Internally or externally via business service firms or as a freelancer, here are the new professions to transform companies.

Accounting professions and extra-financial performance

Since 2017, some large companies must include extra-financial accounting in their performance report, taking into account environmental, social and governance data. In October 2022, the European Commission plans to put in place a new directive which will increase the number of French companies concerned by this reporting. The positions of ESG/SRI analyst and non-financial performance reporting officer will therefore become more and more present and necessary in organizations.


ESG/SRI Analyst

You collect, control and process Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) data to integrate them into the analysis of the overall value of an organization.

Recommended studies and training

Bac+5 Business School diploma finance option, Master in Statistics & Data Science or Engineering school.

For a reorientation in this field, you can experience the job alongside a pro at  MyWay Experience, or do professional training in CSR at Ecopia

Skills to retrain in this job

Know the sectoral regulations, master the internal and external ESG tools, have skills in financial modeling and/or data management, the spirit of analysis and synthesis, have good interpersonal skills, an ability to popularize certain information.


3700 - 4500 euros gross/month

Companies that recruit

Specialized rating agencies, endowment funds, responsible finance or CSR consulting firms, corporate and investment banks

Example of structures that recruit in this profession: Phitrust, GreenAffair, Axylia

For a career reorientation towards extra-financial performance reporting, you analyze the data provided by the ESG analyst and you participate in responsible strategic decision-making for all of the company's businesses.

Responsible digital professions

Screens and materials used to build them, emails, servers… digital technology pollutes and is responsible for 2.5% of carbon emissions today. This growing sector could reach 7% of C02 in 2040 (equivalent to the construction of more than 1 billion smartphones) if we do not change the way we work in this area. On November 15, 2021, a law was enacted aimed at reducing the environmental footprint of digital in France.

Responsible digital project manager

Considering the job of responsible digital project manager means being ready to measure the environmental impact of an organization and to define a more carbon-neutral and virtuous digital strategy: from the choice of computer equipment to all the thought-out technological management around (video, cloud, email, etc.). You may need to train the IT team to build skills in responsible digital and eco-design.

Recommended studies and training

Bac +4/5 in Business School, Engineering or University with a specialization in IT Engineering or CSR.

In circular economy at PRINEC, with the digital training responsible for centre de formation Lucie

Skills to retrain in this job

Control the environmental impacts, their identification and calculation. Understand the tools and technologies used in companies, have knowledge of CSR and eco-design. Be comfortable with numbers and have good analytical skills. Have relational qualities, be a pedagogue, curious, agile, rigorous.


3300 - 4100€ gross/month.

Companies that recruit

In a company, attached to the IT/DSI division, in an ESN (Digital Services Company), as a freelancer.

Example of structures that recruit in this profession: Groupe Isia, Iroco, Latitudes

Professions supporting CSR strategies

Carbon balance consultant

Changing your professional life to be a carbon balance consultant means that you are ready to support companies in the quantified diagnosis of their C02 emissions and to propose an action plan to reduce them.

Recommended studies and training

Bac+5, engineering school or equivalent. Blue Eco Formations, do an immersion with a pro in low carbon with MyWay Experience

Skills to retrain in this job

Master figures, statistics, be rigorous, methodical, have a spirit of synthesis, good communication, be a teacher, able to work in a team.


2500€ gross/month (starter salary)

Companies that recruit

Design office, in the environment/CSR department of an organization or independently.

Example of structures that recruit in this profession: R3 Impact, DC02


CSR manager

Finding your career path in impact can involve working as a project manager or CSR manager. By participating in the development of the CSR strategy of an organization or territory, you refine your understanding of the issues specific to various stakeholders.

Recommended studies and training

Bac +4/5 in business school or equivalent, with a specialization in CSR / ESS.

Examples of CSR/ESS training: Ecopia, EcoLearn, Blue Eco Formations, Lucie, Eco conseil

Skills to retrain in this job

Be autonomous, force of proposal, be comfortable with figures and monitoring, know how to organize and plan, have excellent interpersonal skills and an ability to work in a team, have an interest in the sector(s) ) in which the CSR strategy will be implemented.


2000€ gross/year (starter salary)

Companies that recruit

Employee of a private company or the public sector, in a specialized firm, as a freelancer

Example of structures that recruit in this profession: Fairbrics, Groupe REALITES

Professions to federate and mobilize communities

Community manager

If you want to move towards a Community Manager position, you will look like and animate a community of Internet users around common interests, via social networks, blogs or forums.

Recommended studies

More than studies, experience in community creation and animation is preferred for this position.

Skills to retrain in this job

Like to animate social networks, organize events, have good interpersonal skills, adapt to different interlocutors, be organized, curious, enthusiastic. Ability to work independently and in a team.


2500-3500€ gross/year

Companies that recruit

Employee of a company/association within the marketing team, in a communication agency or as a freelancer, often for platforms.

Example of structures that recruit in this profession: circulab, shareami, La Cordée

If you change direction to be a facilitator, you support groups to work better together and achieve their goals, while maintaining a neutral posture.

Recommended studies and training

Have experience in management or group management or have training in facilitation.

You can train with L'École Fertiles, or becoming facilitator at Makesense

Skills to retrain in this job

Want to support a collective towards a goal, like to hold a neutral position within the group, know how to take into account all the stakeholders. Have great interpersonal skills, listening skills, synthesis, be organized and know how to adapt to the unexpected.

Companies that recruit

The role can be held full-time or in addition to a position in a company, as a freelancer or in a specialized firm.

Other business transformation professions

Responsible communication officer

As a communication officer, you support an organization in the creation of content aligned with the CSR strategy.

Recommended studies and training

Bac+5 specialized in communication or school of communication with a CSR specialty.

Responsible communication training: Centre de formation Lucie, Sup de Com

Skills to retrain in this trade

Have an interest in responsible communication, have writing, listening and adaptation skills, know how to manage projects with many stakeholders, be curious, enthusiastic, autonomous, rigorous.


Random according to the structure

Companies that recruit

Employee of a company or association, self-employed, consultant in a responsible communication agency

Example of structures that recruit in this profession: Sidiese, La Fabrique des possibles, WWF France

Responsible Purchasing and Sourcing Manager

In addition to your tasks as a classic buyer, you integrate environmental issues into your practice.

Recommended studies and training

Bac+5 diploma with a specialization in CSR. The best is to have a double course in purchasing and CSR.

Responsible purchasing training: The Responsible Purchasing Policy program of the Centre de formation Lucie

Skills to retrain in this trade

Master negotiation techniques, have skills in finance and budget management, know the standards and regulations that govern responsible purchasing. Be rigorous, autonomous, able to work alone and in a team.


1800€ - 2200 gross/month (starter salary)

Companies that recruit

In an organization committed to a responsible purchasing approach, in a specialized consulting firm or as a freelancer.

Example of structures that recruit in this profession: buyer of local products at Les Saisonniers or unsold fruits and vegetables at Atypique

Focus on mobility professions

From daily mobility to long-distance mobility, for humans or goods, our means of transport and the uses we make of them must be rethought.

Here are some recommendations from the Shift Project around mobility to decarbonize the sector in the next 3 years:

  • Facilitate and secure the practice of soft mobility
  • Facilitate the use of electrically assisted bicycles
  • Simplify public transport services and connections
  • Fill vehicles in an optimized way
  • Create a cycle logistics system to pool the flow of goods

And here are professions that are already actively recruiting to meet these challenges.


Cycle mechanic

Assemble, overhaul, repair... In this position, you work on all types of bicycles: city, racing, mountain bikes, hybrid bikes and more and more electrically assisted bicycles.

Recommended studies and training

Being self-taught, passionate about cycling and a mechanical connoisseur can be enough to ensure this job. Training can complement knowledge in this area. You can also follow the formation mé cycle de MakeICI

Skills to retrain in this trade

Love the world of cycling, have an interest in techniques related to bicycle mechanics. Be precise, rigorous, careful, meticulous and attentive to the customer.


Salary close to minimum wage

Companies that recruit

In a large sports brand, a company specializing in cycling, bike rental or as a freelancer.

Example of structures that recruit in this profession: Olvo, Viraj mobilités


Sustainable mobility advisor

If you want to do this job, your role is to support companies or territories in setting up new mobility solutions for their employees or citizens. You can ensure the management and production of the missions entrusted and provide expertise in terms of mobility management.

Recommended studies and training

Master 2 in business school, engineer or equivalent with a specialization in CSR.

Skills to retrain in this job

Have regulatory knowledge on sustainable mobility, know how to manage the dialogue between the different stakeholders, know the diagnosis of travel and the evaluation of offers, know how to negotiate. To train, you can join the MSc Management of Environmental Strategy and CSR at IET or Master éco-conseiller at Eco Conseil


Between 3300€ and 4500€ gross/year

Companies that recruit

In a company, a consulting firm, as a freelancer.

Example of structures that recruit in this profession: ALISEE, La Fabrique des Mobilités


👉 And here are other examples of jobs you can do in the sustainable mobility sector:

  • Convince employers to reassign employees to sites closer to home, as a salesperson in a box like 1km à Pied
  • Work in data and participate in the optimization of public transport at CITio
  • Animate the community Ecov, a carpool line operator
  • Decarbonizing the maritime transport sector within an NGO, as Transport environnement 

Decarbonize and reduce our energy consumption

Project manager in renewable energy

Orienting your career towards renewable energy often comes down to managing the development of wind or solar projects. You define the steps, the purchasing strategy, you select the subcontracting companies and ensure the execution of contracts in compliance with safety, quality, cost and deadline commitments.

Recommended studies and training

BAC+5 engineer with professional experience or specialization in renewable energy. for example at Audencia

Skills to retrain in this job

Enjoy planning projects from concept to execution. Be comfortable with ENR regulations, figures, be rigorous,, have very good interpersonal skills.


More than 4500€ gross/month

Companies that recruit

In a company, a consulting firm, as a freelancer.

Example of structures that recruit in this profession: INGELIB, Bourgogne énergies renouvelables

Flow saver

The main mission of the Econome de flux is the prevention and reduction of energy waste by supporting communities and businesses in reducing their energy and water consumption and bills.

Recommended studies and training

BTS, DUT or professional license, engineering school with a specialization in the energy management of flows.


Skills to retrain in this job

Be able to take physical readings of meters and balance sheets with the various suppliers, raise awareness among stakeholders about energy sobriety, carry out Energy Performance Diagnoses (EPDs), develop a multi-year program of actions, provide technical support on building construction or rehabilitation projects. Have good interpersonal skills, be organized and rigorous.


Between €1,500 and €2,100 gross/year

Companies that recruit

In an energy distribution company, a local authority, a consulting firm or as a freelancer, often for organizations that consume a lot of energy and water.

Example of structures that recruit in this profession: CPIE d’Aix, the GEIEC

And some other possible careers in energy

  • Work for a green electricity supplier like Plüm Energies.
  • Join a company like Hello Watt which allows individuals to regain control of their energy consumption.

Recycling and waste reduction professions

Valorist Technician

Looking for a Valorist Technician job means loving the words: reuse, recycling and recovery! In this job, you organize the collection and diagnosis of the objects or materials to be recovered, you choose the transformation processes for those that cannot be reused as they are.

Recommended studies and training

No diploma/certification specifically prepares for this job. Taking training in recycling and sorting (eg: CAP operator of recycling industries) can help develop skills in this area. Depending on the structure and the precise nature of the position entrusted, certification in a specific technical field (example: carpentry), in sales, or in handling, can be an asset.

Formations : Prinec, MakeICI for specialized training in the recovery of building materials

Skills to retrain in this trade

Have good interpersonal skills, be curious, have certain valuation skills, physical skills (handling), be creative, vigilant about the value of the objects collected.

Starting compensation

1500 gross/year

Companies that recruit

Local authorities, resource and recycling centers, waste recovery associations

Example of structures that recruit in this profession: La FABRIC’À, Réserve des Arts


Why change and evolve in eco-design? To study a product or service based on a global approach to the consequences on the environment: air, soil, water, noise, raw materials used, energy required, waste. In this job, you take into account the entire life cycle of the product. In addition, you can do it for a multitude of sectors.

Education and training

The training ranges from bac + 3 level (assistant position) to bac + 5 level (engineer level).

Example of training: Prinec

Skills to retrain in this trade

Know the standards and regulations, the life cycle of products and manufacturing processes. Ability to work in project mode. Ability to work in a team and lead meetings.


Between 2300€ and 3100€ gross/month

Companies that recruit

In business, in a consulting firm or as a freelancer.

Example of companies that recruit in this profession: MAOBI, La Coopérative Mu


And also... other professions in recycling and recovery

Preserve natural resources and biodiversity

Biodiversity project manager

You can practice this trade professionally to minimize the negative impact of human activity on the natural environment during a development project. You take care to preserve the fauna and flora by carrying out impact studies on the land and by carrying out action plans.

Education and training

After a BTS in environmental services, chemistry or a BAC+5 engineering school in agronomy, biology, biodiversity or risks and environment for example.

To retrain for this profession, you can look at training courses in LEA-CFI, Blue Eco Formations, ISE

Skills to retrain in this job

Have a strong interest in and knowledge of environmental preservation and biodiversity issues. Comfortable with numbers and data analysis. Have knowledge of impact quantification methods. Have an aptitude for consultation, team spirit. Like to move because the job generates a lot of field trips.

Beginner compensation

from 1660 to 2500 euros gross per month.

Companies that recruit

In biodiversity research offices, in engineering firms, in technical landfills and development companies, in natural parks, research organizations and local authorities.

Example of structures that recruit in this profession : Sayari, Querceo, OID


QHSE Manager

Changing career in QHSE? It means participating in the development of the company's quality / health / safety / environment policy, for which you ensure the management, implementation and monitoring.

Education and training

BAC+5, Minimum 2 years of experience, work-study included, in the field as a Health and Safety or QHSE engineer.

Trainings: IET, ISE

Skills to retrain in this job

Know QHSE standards and documents. Know how to carry out audits. Be able to prepare and follow an action plan, to implement an awareness strategy. Have a sense of observation, relational, editorial qualities, be rigorous, persevering, negotiator, know how to lead meetings.

Beginner compensation

2500 and 3700€ gross per month

Companies that recruit

Private companies in all sectors, public prevention and control organizations

Example of structures that recruit in this profession: Natural Solutions, Coven

Raising awareness and educating on transition issues

Trainer, facilitator, awareness officer or designer of training programs, these positions are crucial for initiating transitions. To undertake a new professional project towards one of these professions, here is some information:

Education and training

Hold a baccalaureate level diploma + 3 minimum or equivalent, in socio-cultural animation, educational sciences, psychosocial sciences. Have experience in an associative environment in similar positions.

Design thinking training at, at ACT to discover the cognitive keys and drive behavioral changes.

Skills to retrain in these trades

Like to speak in public, lead groups, welcome people, like to share your knowledge, be dynamic, enthusiastic, be empathetic and pedagogical.

Companies that recruit

Most often you work for associations, training organizations or as a freelancer.

Example of possible professions and structures that recruit:


Digital educational designer

You design and deploy digital training modules according to the needs of future learners.

Education and training

the pedagogical designer is above all passionate about pedagogy and digital technology. There is not really a typical profile. Some training courses, however, make it possible to develop skills for professional mobility towards this profession.

Trainings: Le bahut

Skills to retrain in this trade

Master the different phases of project management, build an educational course of animation. Be creative, pedagogue, empathetic, innovative, curious, like to work in a team, be organized and agile.

Companies that recruit

Place of work: in a company, attached to the training or HR department, in a training organization or as a freelancer

Example of structures that recruit in this profession: e-graine, Les Nouveaux Géants 

Converting to sustainable food and agriculture

The agriculture and food sector emits more than 1/4 of national GHG emissions and will be the most affected by climate change. And that's not all... In the next 10 years, half of French farmers will retire and the installation of a new generation of farmers is a major challenge for our food sovereignty. Here are some recommendations from The Shift Project to rethink the way we eat:

  • Support the installation of farmers and promote agroecological practices
  • Reduce waste and packaging
  • Shorten supply chains (short circuits, local production)
  • Planning a biofuel sector


Organic Farmer

education and training

A Bac pro and Brevet specialized in farm management or join private establishments specialized in agriculture or agronomy which offer diplomas from Bac +2 to Bac +5.

Trainings: IHEDREA to become a bio-economy manager, Abiosol for a new professional life in organic agriculture.

Skills to retrain in this trade

Love being in the field, love caring for plants or animals, be resilient, not afraid of not counting your hours, have a great capacity for adaptation, and as an operations manager , be a good manager and master the legislation.


from 1000 to 2500 per month depending on the size of the farm


on a farm as an auto-entrepreneur, with a farmer.

Working in responsible catering

Promote healthy catering, in short circuits, by joining a responsible grocery store or restaurant.


La source

Companies that recruit

Le Moulin, L’Alimentation géniale

Companies to work in the agricultural and food transition

And here are some structures that offer job offers in the agricultural and food transition sector, without particularly having specialized skills in the field:

  • At Eloi to provide solutions for the transmission of farms to committed young farmers.
  • Financing the agricultural and agri-food transition in France within the crowdfunding platform Miimosa
  • Create alternative food networks in gardens and neighborhoods to promote citizen agriculture in Biilyo
  • Be an actor in a structure that relocates food to De la Ferme au Quartier, La Ruche qui dit oui or Alancienne 
  • Work for the bulk trade at Tout bon tout vrac

Social bond professions

Caring for others is a professional vocation that we cannot do without. Social professions are divided into several areas. We have chosen to talk to you about integration, because many structures offer job offers in this sector on Jobs.

Integration / social inclusion professional

Education and training

Education in the humanities and social sciences.

👉 Komunii, to give a new direction to your career in an SSE profession

Skills to retrain in this job

Be comfortable with administrative tasks and enjoy working in a team and in a network. Have a great capacity for listening, empathy, psychology, but also a good personal balance. Be available, pragmatic, dynamic and responsive.


from the minimum wage to €2100 per month

Companies that recruit

In association, in NGOs, Foundations

Example of structures that recruit in this profession: Créer ton Avenir which promotes a successful orientation for young middle and high school students who are vulnerable, Kodiko which accompanies refugees towards employment, Tirelires d’Avenir which supports young adults in family breakdown.

👉 To find out more about companies that recruit in the social sectors, go to here

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