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Professional retraining: who can support me?

Do you want to change and give a new direction to your professional life? Do you want to be accompanied in your approach? Whether you need to find your way, take stock of your professional career so far, start a new career or even embark on a radical reorientation, there are several schemes in which support professionals can help you. to guide. Student, recent graduate, job seeker, private or public employee, entrepreneur, there are different types of support adapted to your situation. What are they ? How can they help you? Do you have access to it? How to finance them? We have explored the subject to bring you some light...

What support to help you in your conversion?

Finding your career path is a journey that can take time. Throughout your career, you may experience one or more career changes. Depending on your profile, your needs, your stage of thinking about your project, there are several organizations that offer specific support.

Knowing yourself well: the key to a successful professional retraining

Skills assessments

As part of the skills assessment, you are guided by a professional who accompanies you thanks to a methodology to take stock of your acquired experience, your skills that can be mobilized and transferred to other professions. This can allow you to get to know yourself better and start on a good basis (your own basis), to start your professional development.

For who ?

Regardless of your years of professional experience, if you're lost, if you don't really know where to start to develop a professional project consistent with your personality, your needs, your expectations and priorities with regard to a profession, a skills assessment can be a starting point for knowing how to orient your professional career.

Even if you already have a defined professional project in mind, the skills assessment can help you facilitate your professional transition through advice and training around the enhancement of your strengths and your know-how.

The terms of support

The format: collective, individual or mixed. 100% face-to-face, online or semi-face-to-face.

Duration: 3 to 5 months

Organizations that support you

Among the training organizations that are partners of jobs_that_makesense, several offer a skills assessment as part of their retraining program. They accompany you on the format of your choice. Their training is all eligible for the CPF.


If you are an employee or an entrepreneur, you can finance your balance sheet via the CPF (professional training account).

As an employee, you are not obliged to inform your employer of your approach if you do a skills assessment outside your working hours. On the other hand, if you wish to do so and if you have 24 months of seniority as an employee, including 12 months in the company, you can make the request to your employer via the PTP, professional transition project, which replaces individual training leave. You can then benefit from remuneration for the duration of the training.

Are you a job seeker? The balance sheet request is made to Pôle emploi and you can also ask your adviser for a contribution from your CPF to finance training.

Are you a student or unemployed? The option that presents itself is self-financing, but some balance sheets offer solutions or preferential rates to help you finance it. You can contact them to find out more. :)

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How about coaching?


To learn how to benefit from one's skills and exploit one's qualifications, seeking professional advice from a coach can also help guide one's career or more generally guide one's life.

Professional Development Council (CEP)

The CEP is a free support system that offers personalized advice to take stock of your professional situation. It allows, if necessary, to establish a career development project (retraining, takeover or creation of activity...).

For who ?

For anyone wishing to make a professional assessment or in a situation of career reorientation.

What there is to know ?

  • Accompaniment by a professional: depending on the organizations and according to your needs, you can benefit from one or more individualized sessions.
  • Unlike the CPF, it can only be carried out outside working hours.
  • To benefit from CEP, simply make an appointment with the operator in your city.

👉 Find my CEP operator

👉 For executives : book an appointment with APEC


The Association Pour l’Emploi des Cadres is a private French organization that offers free support schemes.

For who ?

APEC services concern executives who wish to undertake a professional reorientation or change of profession.

What does APEC offer?

Group and video workshops on professional retraining-oriented themes.

Here are some workshop topics:

  • We find the CEP: professional development advice
  • How to network?
  • Dare to explore other forms of employment
  • Changing course: motivations and levers for action

Individual support: 3 to 5 interviews led by a professional adviser to prepare for his retraining and, if necessary, define his professional project.

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