Professional retraining guide

How to make a professional retraining in the environment?

Former nurse who opens a zero waste store, engineer at Apple embarking on permaculture, English teacher who undertakes in solid and organic cosmetics... These people each have their own professional path and have undertaken a life change linked to their retraining in a new profession, integrating the environmental dimension. Coming from different backgrounds, they undertook professional training to develop new skills.

Do you also want to take this path of professional retraining in the environment? Whether you are a private or public service employee, job seeker, entrepreneur, with or without a professional project, there are training courses to support anyone in their professional orientation. Environmental education concerns all sectors of activity and the range of possible professions is wide. Depending on your needs, organizations offer general training to help you make your transition. Some have a more specific approach to acquiring skills in a targeted sector or profession. What are these trainings? How long do they last? What are their specificities? Are they made for you? We gave you a recap of the jobs_that_makesense training catalog to explore the possibilities available to you.

Find the right training for your professional retraining in the environment

General training to make your transition

For a professional integration in the impact, without necessarily having specific avenues for retraining, starting with a general training can be a first step to understand the ecological issues and develop the skills necessary for a personal transition. In this area, discover our partner training courses.

Short courses


Whatever your diplomas and training, if you wish to develop a 360 vision of the challenges of ecological and social transition and integrate them into your professional activity, the 6-week training, provided by T Campus, brings you the fundamentals and offers a multiplicity opportunities in the job market. It takes place in Arvieu and may be financed by your company or your Alumnis association.

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Edeni offers several face-to-face and online programs, from an ESE perspective: Ecology - Health - Ethics, to initiate your transition and bring about change in your company or your professional projects by adopting the "ESE" professional aptitude. The training courses are eligible for the CPF.

Opportunities: CSR manager, SD transformation project manager, eco-designer, consultant, SSE craftsman, etc.

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Long training


LUMIÅ is a private higher education institution. If you have the baccalaureate, whatever your level of studies and your professional situation, you can join the 1-year training course in Mouans-Sartoux, and learn the challenges of ecological transition, work on yourself, your well- being, your relationship to the living, to the other, through an immersive collective experience.

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On purpose

If you have at least 3 years of full-time paid professional experience, excluding internships, work-study programs and voluntary work and you wish to change jobs, you can follow the On Purpose paid program. By integrating it, you are accompanied by mentors in your professional reorientation to put your professional skills at the service of structures aligned with your values. The program takes place in Paris, London or Berlin, with 2 immersions in CDD of 6 months to test in the field an impact profession.

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Training for a specific trade

Specialized training by sectors and professions

Searching for specific training can take time. Among the existing continuing education offers on jobs, here is their program.


For professionalization in the building sector

La solive

If you are interested in the building sector, and you meet the training prerequisites, la joist has set up a face-to-face professional training offer in Paris. During the 11 weeks of training, you develop your employability in energy renovation. You can finance it with your CPF.

Opportunities: energy renovation project manager, energy renovation advisor, assistant driver of energy renovation/finishing work, etc.

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Retraining in crafts, green building trades or eco-design

Make ici

If you wish to orient yourself towards the trades of "Making" via professional immersion, Make ici gives you access to its factories in Montreuil, Nantes, Marseille and Lille and allows you to access machines, tools and training to develop your skills in eco-design, eco-manufacturing and learn about craftsmanship. The trainings are done in small groups and are all eligible for the CPF.

Openings: Business manager in energy renovation of the building, valuation of building resources, carpenter, cycle.

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To learn about the circular economy

Circulab Academy

If you want to develop specific skills around the circular economy and biomimicry, Circulab offers e-learning programs to master circular design tools and lead sustainable and regenerative projects in business. For these training courses, you can benefit from financial assistance via your company's OPCO.

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Integrating a CSR approach into your work

Training to integrate the CSR approach into your current or future profession

Whether you are an employee, executive, director of an organization, to complete your initial training and undertake professional development around climate strategy and social economy, here are some training courses.

Short courses

Dans l’ère du temps

To implement a CSR approach in your business or your organization or reorient you in CSR, the organization has set up a 7-day semi-face-to-face training course in Paris, eligible for the CPF.

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For those who wish to reorient their career towards the management of a climate strategy in their structure and/or acquire knowledge on the decarbonization of their business models and their operations, Ecolearn's "Climate Strategies" training courses, organized online and /or face-to-face in Paris, allow these skills to be developed. They have been designed with EcoAct, which supports companies in their climate strategy.

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Rennes School of business

For managers, the school has set up a continuous professional training program of 6 days over 3 months to learn how to manage responsibly. The training can be financed via the OPCOs and the CPF.

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Lucie Vocational Training Center

For professionals in communication, product design, purchasing, digital, wishing to integrate responsible practices for the improvement of their profession, the Lucie training center offers online or face-to-face programs from 1 to 4 days, in Paris.

Sample programs:

  • Responsible communication course
  • Responsible purchasing policy

The outlets: product designer, responsible for purchasing, supplies, Supply Chain Management.

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Long training

3A School 

If you wish to take a specialized Masters in responsible management, Ecole 3A offers 4 of them and as part of continuing education, it has set up the diploma course, manager of solidarity organizations, for leaders. , manager or future team manager. The objective is to develop the skills of tomorrow's managers such as shared governance or collective intelligence. The latter lasts 1 year with 2 lessons per week, in the evening and remotely, plus 3 days per month face-to-face in Lyon, Paris, Rennes or Toulouse. You can finance it via the CPF.

If you have experience in responsible management, you can also try to obtain the certification equivalent to the diploma course mentioned above, without going through the courses, via a VAE: Validation of Acquired Experience . You then submit an application file which will be examined by a jury, which will validate whether you have the skills for the professional title you are aiming for.

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Converting to a rural or peri-urban area

For professional retraining in peri-urban or rural areas

Le bastion 

If you want to do business in peri-urban or rural areas, the “re-enchanting our countryside” program provides you with the tools to do so. It is a program in Ile de France but the tools it provides you can also be mobilized in another region in France. The training lasts 20 months and takes place face-to-face in Boissy sous Saint-Yon. She is also eligible for the CPF.

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