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Impact employment: 3 pieces of good news this year !

Tired of bad news about the ecological and social transition? Do you feel that nothing is moving? Are you asking yourself "What's the point of giving impact to my business in times like these?" If these negative waves are holding you back or making you feel powerless, for this new autumn, it might be time for you to look at what's moved this year! Here are 3 news items from the impact sector, which we hope will put a smile on your face and give you the energy to take action. :)

The UN agrees that SSE should be the basis 

As a reminder, social and solidarity enterprises (SSE) are all companies, associations and other organizations engaged in economic, social or environmental activities serving a collective interest. In France, this sector comprises some 200,000 structures and 2.38 million employees. On April 18, 2023, the United Nations (UN) adopted a resolution recognizing the contribution of the SSE to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)! What does this mean in practice? That the UN is encouraging its member countries to implement policies dedicated to SSE, and financial institutions and development banks to support them. For French SSE players ESS France, GSEF and ESS Forum international "This is an important step forward for SSE on the international stage, as this resolution will provide an opportunity for member states to exchange and learn in a targeted way, guide UN agencies in SSE priority areas, document its contributions to sustainable development and help improve the development and implementation of Agenda 2030 and the achievement of the SDGs."  It would seem that SSE values respond to the search for meaning and equity in a post covid 19 context, marked by wars, social inequalities and a climate crisis with multiple challenges. In fact, to understand a little better how the SSE contributes to the general interest, we talked about the skills and values sought by SSE recruiters in this dedicated article

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New transition schools make their debut

Are you a student or career retrainee who would like to know how to manage the ecological and social transition? This year, two schools - one in Lyon, the other in Paris - are entering their first academic year to train future managers in the challenges of the transition! This is great news, because companies are looking for people who can understand social and environmental issues and convince internal teams to implement change. Marie-Sarah Maillard, director of the Regen School in Paris, made the point when she asked the business leaders at the Businesses for Climate convention what their needs were. For these 200 executives meeting to reflect on their strategy for adapting to global challenges, "maturity, adaptability and the ability to take initiatives"are sought-after skills."Recruiters need intra-activists to lead internal change. The ability to express oneself and convince are huge keys to success," adds Marie-Sarah. The Regen School will make its first start in September 2023 to enable students to be in a position to meet these needs.

Another school to train transition managers opening its doors this year, Ecologica! Based in Lyon, the school embodies in its very operating model the values it transmits in its courses, since the school is an association managed under shared governance. The program? Understanding the world from the angles of environmental issues, social and democratic justice, developing soft skills such as collective intelligence, non-violent communication and public speaking. "We also work on emotional support, giving keys to understanding and support to make the emotions felt in an often difficult context of transition, productive." clarifies Floyd Novak, one of Ecologica's co-founders. Finally, the last teaching pillar involves immersion in the field to repair objects, do market gardening or even a bicycle itinerary... Enough to prepare future managers who are resourceful and aware of what's at stake in the field!

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More funds for transition 💸

This year, the Ministry of Ecological Transition and Territorial Cohesion and the Ministry of Energy Transition have been allocated a total of 59.6 billion euros! How is this good news for impact employment?

On the energy side, 19 billion euros have been earmarked to fund items such as the renovation of housing and buildings, aid for the purchase of clean vehicles and the acceleration of the decarbonization of the energy mix via nuclear and renewable energies. 25 million more than in 2022 has also been allocated to studies on the siting of offshore wind farms. The funds will also be used to finance water agencies and the national biodiversity strategy, as well as local authorities' "green funds", which will be used for investments to combat climate change: natural hazards, renaturation, setting up low-emission zones, brownfield sites, etc. This is good news, because more investment in the ecological transition means more resources for companies and local authorities to create dedicated jobs! For energy renovation alone, France Stratégie estimates that France will need around 200,000 additional construction workers and managers by 2030 to achieve its transition objectives. These funds will also create job opportunities in the fields of energy, urban planning, mobilities, from water and biodiversity.

What's more, if you're interested in one of these professions, there's no shortage of training courses!

👉To work in biodiversity, ecosystem restoration or sustainable land development, you have, for example, training courses from Blue Eco Formations, ECOFSA or the ISE.

👉To get started on energy renovation, you can take a look at the formations offered by la Solive and l'ASDER.

👉 To train for the energy transition, you can take a specialized Master's degree at Audencia, the EM Lyon or a Bachelor's degree at the'Ionis STM.

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