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[Interview] Ophélie Barbut - Groupe SOS Pulse

Hello ! Who are you young padawan ? 

Enchanted, I am Ophélie, 30 years old. In communication for almost 10 years!

What is your job? 

Communications Manager for the SOS Pulse Group!

Since a long time? 

Oh yes… 4 months! (laughs)

Newly converted to SSE?

Absolutely: January 2019! Cool but thoughtful decision.

And before that?

Associations at Solidarité Sida, agencies at DDB°, private at Sodexo, public at Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines...! A nice melting pot of advertising, communication and events!

So, why SSE?

As you can see, I dabbled in a bit of everything, while remaining faithful to my favorite sector: communication! For a long time I had the feeling that what I was doing, even if it was very interesting, wasn't much least not in the way I heard it (and hear it now)! I know it's going to sound a bit cliché, but one day...well, it just clicked! In my head it was decided: I had to get into a job that made sense. The end of my CDD was coming, I had freelance status on the side. So I told myself that impact freelancing was now what I wanted to do.

How did you do?

Well I updated my freelance status, I started registering on platforms, doing forums and in 3 weeks I had found my mission! I became Communication Manager for Pact for Impact at Groupe SOS PULSE. It is an international event around the Social and Inclusive Economy in the world (I invite you to find out more at It is a very large-scale alliance supported by the Ministry for Ecological and Inclusive Transition as well as the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs.

And between us…. THANK YOU ! Because this post, I owe it to jobs_that_makesense, it is thanks to your site that I found the ad!

Just like Claire, do you think that Freelance in the SSE is possible?

The proof ! It is an environment that is growing fast and strong and which above all requires a lot of people, all types of people. And freelance status can work because it's the perfect profile for the "missions" format, a bit like what I do.

In 10 years, where are you?

On earth ! And that's not too bad... For the rest, I'm one of those people who live "hands-on", so... We'll see! But always in a job that makes sense, that's for sure.

What would you say to those who want but don't dare?

I would tell them to give it time! I took 10 years to make up my mind. This kind of career (or even life) turning point comes when you are ready. But, honestly, put your financial fears aside, because getting up every day for something that wakes up your guts is priceless!

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