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A job that makes sense... But what sense?

Do you hear his name all day long, on every terrace, every street corner? Does he follow you in your professional and personal life, even send you "push" notifications on your social networks? Worse, does he manage to invite himself into your sleep? There is no longer any doubt. You are in the sights of the worst predator of modern times, the one who torments the Y… SENSE!

WARNING : existential crisis is coming

So, you would want to warn your friends to save them from this psychological turmoil, tell them to snuggle up in their office at La Défense and never look away from their Excel table. The thing is, it's frankly not easy to describe this predator. I'm giving a sandwich (strawberry, # cultreference #RRRrrr) to anyone who can paint a robot portrait! And that's where we're going.

Relax (take it easy) 🙂

Meaning is purely subjective, and your meaning job will not be the same as its meaning job. Besides, if we really wanted to quibble, we could say that the term "meaning" is irrelevant, since it is not something universal. In short, here we are going too far. All this to say that your definition of the word meaning will not be the same as that of your RER neighbors, and that's ok! Except that in the era of the professional switch and podcasts that depict the success stories of those who have found meaning in meeting today's societal and environmental challenges, you can quickly feel guilty about the ambition of your sense. While, once again, it's super personal! Moreover, Karim Duval illustrates it perfectly in his video “Chinese briefs” (NB: if you also have your meaning in life is money, do not self-flagellate yourself like Dobby, we are sure you will do it. the most beautiful disposable briefs ever!)

And to add a little complexity to all that, you are perhaps one of those who hammer their brains all day long with the famous question "what meaning do I want to give to my professional life?" Finding your meaning is a bit the result of a (sometimes long) journey. This journey leads you to find the mission that drives you, and it doesn't matter whether it's saving the bees or doing elevator maintenance (true story, we recommend the brilliant Generation XX podcast). This is the answer to your "why". What you would want to get up in the morning for, what you would want to give your energy to.

Don't panic, we're here for you!

👉 A little advice on how to find your “why” and therefore your meaning (do you follow us ?!): look at what makes you angry and revolt you, it will give you precious clues!

“Friend's Tip Two: Remember to have moments of disconnection. Because, by looking too much for its meaning, we no longer find meaning anywhere! It's like in love, the more you search, the less you find! And a wise man is worth two. If you constantly cogitate without putting your cerebral cortex on “pause”, you end up dreaming the night that you are hired as an advisor at Pôle emploi. And, neither one nor two, you wake up in a sweat!

One meaning, many directions

Good. Now that you have looked on the side of your anger, dug your why, questioned your desires and observed your moments of pleasure, not to mention moments of disconnection, you are there ... "YOUPIIIIII, JAI FOUND MY SEEEEENS !!" Oh yes ?! Wait a minute ! Keep in mind that this is your sense at the moment T, but it may not be in a while. You move with the environment around you. When it changes (very quickly), your desires also change ... And so, your meaning too.

You will understand, finding its meaning and, ultimately, its meaning job, is not a long quiet river. It means becoming aware of her place, however small it may be, and of her role, however large it may be. And since we've said “meaning” far too many times in this article, we'll stop there for this time.

Sense who can!

Photo by Ethan Sykes, Unsplash.