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The Glorious 2030s are for now and it starts with finding your meaningful job

Hello, my name is Julien and I am convinced that the recent successive crises are a great opportunity to transform our lifestyles in depth to collectively aim (humans and non-humans) for new abundance. After the Ça commence par moi (it starts with me) movement launched in 2016, I have been exploring for a few years the desirable futures in Glorious 2030 podcast which has recently become a workshop for French people to imagine exciting futures, the first mandatory step before making them happen.

Julien Vidal

La révolution de l’économie arrive

According to the Jean Jaurès Foundation, only 24% of French people would attach importance to work today, compared to 60% in 1990. Why this lack of interest among French people for work? Because our private sphere is taking up more and more space? Or because the professional world struggles to follow the evolutions of our society, and therefore to meet the expectations of the French and by the same to the challenges of our century?

More and more of our compatriots no longer want to remain impassive in the face of the growing gap between the need to transform our societies and the procrastination of our political and economic leaders. We are probably just a cog, of course. But we no longer wish to be drawn into this criminal headlong rush. Economic growth can no longer be sought at any cost.

The time has come for the economic world to live its revolution and some weak signals show us that the first stones of this seesaw have been laid:

Going beyond the myth of the hero

So many symbols that reveal this desire for rupture even if the majority of large groups are content to make people believe that the greening of the storefront is enough to legitimize an untenable model. In this immense technical and ideological confrontation, what place for the individual? To continue to wait patiently and trust these few white knights hoping that they will overturn the table on their own? Of course not !

And if more and more initiatives are equipping workers to join this Homeric battle, either by undertaking to launch their own project, or by intrapreneurship to change companies from within, there is a third way that remains to be explored. and to democratize: changing jobs to put your energy to the benefit of structures that are already building the world of tomorrow. It is a necessary questioning and a healthy step aside to act with ambition and make its approach a global revolution both in substance and in form.

Against this utilitarian way of life where the human being is a resource that we exploit like everything else, our salvation will not come from a few heroes but from the active mass. With her humility and sense of community, she will allow alternatives to change scale in order to become once and for all the new norm. Because today, we have almost nothing left to invent and crisscrossing France has allowed me to meet the multitude of promising initiatives carried by professions to (re)discover. The professions of those who have used the springs of these observations to implement other ways of living, cultivating, learning, renovating, moving, etc. and to breathe invigorating air by embodying the jobs that will be the norm in a few years. It will seem a long time ago when almost half of the French who felt useless in their work.

The future is already in this world

Because yes, the 2030 Glorious Years are a goal, a milestone, but they are already all around us, like so many experiments and alternatives just waiting to change scale. There are tens of thousands in France to take concrete action to show that action is the best remedy against fatalism. They and they are artisan-upcycler, director of a resource center, trainer in agroecology, intergenerational facilitator, urban shepherd, zero waste grocer, expert in reuse, micro-adventurer, trainer in cooperation or even master-composter.

These are professions that tomorrow will be the norm. Their examples illustrate to what extent the next few years can be placed under the sign of fulfillment, despite the ecological risks, among others, going crescendo. They say it and they live it and I invite you to discover them by listening to them:

🎧 Solène is a social horticulturist in Nantes.

🎧 Baptiste is a forest creator in Niort.

🎧 Vanessa is a solidarity restaurateur in Paris.

🎧 Julia is a committed bookseller in Lyon.

🎧 Clément is a trainer in agroecology in Ardèche.

🎧 Marie is a nature teacher near Valenciennes.

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