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Makesense enables and empowers any actor in society to take concrete action on the advocacies and causes that matter to them.

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This structure is based on a principle of solidarity and social utility: its management is democratic and participative, and its profit-making potential is limited. It may be an association, cooperative, foundation, mutual or ESUS company.

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makesense Asia is the regional arm of the global organization makesense, dedicated to empowering individuals to create positive impact. Whether they are newcomers or seasoned advocates, we believe everyone possesses the potential to effect change. Our mission is to unlock this potential and guide individuals to the next level of their impact journey. We operate through three core activities:

  1. Empowering young adults: We provide young adults with access to essential knowledge, resources, and peer support, equipping them to pursue purpose-driven career opportunities and/or launch local community initiatives.
  2. Accelerating impact projects: We spearhead the development of innovative projects that pave new paths for societal progress. As pioneers in impact trends and strategies, we strive to generate sustainable and positive change.
  3. Training movement leaders: We coach and mentor citizens to become leaders of social change, arming them with the necessary tools to catalyze cultural shifts and contribute to building a greener and fairer society.

Our Asia team operates from two offices located in Manila, Philippines, and Singapore, Singapore. We prioritize the well-being and responsibilities of our team members, guided by our strong beliefs about leadership, people, and organizations:

  • About leadership & power: We advocate for the distribution of decision-making power among all individuals who create value within the organization. We believe that true leadership transcends power and authority.
  • About People: We hold the fundamental belief that every individual is inherently good and motivated to serve our collective mission. Trust is the cornerstone of our collaborative efforts, and we embrace mistakes as opportunities for learning and growth.
  • About Organizations: We acknowledge that no organization is perfect, and our governance model is designed to evolve and adapt over time through experimentation and improvement. Conflict is a natural part of organizational dynamics, and we strive to navigate it constructively.

We invite you to connect with us to learn more about our work and explore potential collaborations. Let's embark on this journey together!

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