Roles and missions of the AVS / Auxiliière de Vie Scolaire

The AVS (Auxiliaire de Vie Scolaire) is a professional who accompanies and supports pupils with special needs in their schooling. The roles and missions of the AVS are many and varied:

Participating in the initial assessment of the student and putting in place the best strategy to support them.

Ensuring that the school environment is adapted to the specific needs of students.

Facilitating access to the necessary resources and services.

Support the student in school and extra-curricular activities.

Providing technical and emotional support.

Working in collaboration with teachers and other education professionals.

Participating in meetings and projects to support the student.

Document the student's progress and difficulties.

Provide assistance in the use of adaptive technologies.

Encourage students' independence and socialisation.

Working closely with parents and families.

Offer workshops and training courses to groups or individuals.

Prepare lessons and activities to reinforce students' skills.

The AVS is a committed and passionate professional who offers students unique and valuable assistance. Their mission is to support and encourage them to reach their full academic and personal potential.

Salary and career development of the AVS / Auxilière de Vie Scolaire

The Auxilière de Vie Scolaire, or AVS, is a very important and necessary profession in the field of education. The primary role of the AVS is to provide support for children with specific difficulties. AVS salaries vary according to years of experience and working conditions.

0 to 2 years: an average of €16,000 to €18,000 gross per annum

2 to 5 years: an average of €19,000 to €23,000 gross per year

5 to 10 years: average of €25,000 to €29,000 gross annually

10 to 15 years: average of €32,000 to €34,000 gross annually

More than 15 years: average of €36,000 to €38,000 gross annually

For those who would like to develop their career as an AVS, here are a few suggested careers:

Specialist teacher

Monitor educator

Specialist educator


Occupational therapist

Advantages and disadvantages of AVS / Auxilière de Vie Scolaire


An attractive salary

A rewarding job helping children succeed at school

Opportunities for advancement to more specialised positions

Opportunities for promotion within and outside the school

Opportunities to work with different children and their families


Irregular working hours and overtime

Physical demands that can be very demanding

Administrative tasks and reports to write at the end of each day

High levels of stress due to pressure from parents and teachers

Ongoing training to keep up to date with best practice and school rules and procedures

The latest job offers for AVS / Auxilière de Vie Scolaire recruiter