Roles and tasks of the job placement officer

The job placement officer's role is to support and guide jobseekers, particularly young people and jobseekers with atypical profiles. To do this, they need a wide range of skills. Here is a non-exhaustive list of the roles and tasks he or she may be called upon to perform:

Job search guidance and support: identifying skills and career plans, setting up an action plan and job search strategy, writing and updating CVs and covering letters, compiling and updating application files, simulating interviews, etc.

Information and guidance: gathering needs and professional experience, advice and information on professions and the job market, searching for job opportunities, helping people choose a training path, identifying opportunities for geographical mobility, etc.

Administrative management: management of training applications and beneficiaries' files, management of agreements and subsidies, updating of administrative and statistical data, information and contacts with other players (employers, prescribers, partner organisations, etc.), etc.

Organisation: setting up and running group activities (workshops, conferences, etc.) linked to professional integration, running networks and partnerships, coordinating and running projects, etc.

Social support: helping beneficiaries to obtain social and financial assistance, support with daily living, psychosocial support and support for people with disabilities, etc.

The job placement officer must also have a good knowledge of social networks and the social economy.

Salary and career development of a vocational integration officer

A job placement officer, also known as an integration consultant, is a professional who provides support to people who are looking for work or who are having difficulty finding a job. Salaries in this profession vary according to the professional's experience and training. In France, the gross annual salary of a job placement officer can vary as follows:

0 to 2 years: €21,000 to €24,000

2 to 5 years: €25,000 to €28,000

5 to 10 years: €30,000 to €35,000

10 to 15 years: €35,000 to €40,000

More than 15 years: €40,000 to €45,000

A job placement officer can progress to jobs such as :

Job placement advisor ;

Job placement officer

Training manager ;

Recruitment officer;

Employment consultant.

Advantages and disadvantages of a job placement officer


Contribute to the social and personal development of people in socio-professional difficulty.

Offer support and guidance tailored to the needs of each individual.

Work with institutional and professional partners to promote their professional and social integration.

Having the opportunity to implement innovative actions to encourage professional mobility and change.

Being constantly confronted with a variety of challenges and positive achievements


Working regularly with people in difficult and emotionally challenging situations.

Sometimes difficult working conditions (lack of resources, restrictive working hours, etc.).

Sometimes difficulties in achieving the desired change and integration.

A pace of work that can sometimes be very intense.

Increasing pressure to achieve quantifiable results.

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