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Summer quiz - Who are you ?

This year, you've been working, managing your life, taking care of yourself, and perhaps realizing or thinking about new projects. You've followed the news, and between droughts, armed conflicts and the regression of human rights around the world, it's not exactly been a rosy year. You, in the midst of all this, may be a little lost. So what can you do? Curl up in a ball under your comforter, or take up your pilgrim's staff to change the world?

Now it's summer, soon the vacations, and like every year, you're going to take advantage of them to recharge your batteries and let go! To take stock of yourself and think about your plans for the coming year, there's nothing like a test to find out what kind of fork in the road you are! A fork in the road is a person who changes direction, who changes path. This year, for example, many people have changed direction by changing jobs to live a more aligned life. But what about you? Where are you on the road to change? Like a barnacle to your rock, are you following your initial direction at all costs? Are you in the process of change? Or are you in the midst of a complete fork in the road?

Find out in 10 questions!

Your dream: 

👨‍🌾 Live 100% in harmony with myself and with nature.

🙈 To be rich.

🦶  Earning a living while doing something in line with my values.

♻️ Be happy and healthy.

For you, the ideal vacation is...

👨‍🌾 Cycle the Nantes-Brest canal, sleep in tents on campsites or with locals;

🙈 Fly to Portugal and charter a yacht with friends! Shopping on the spot, partying a lot, and not asking myself too many questions!

♻️ Visit a European country accessible by train. Discover local specialities, mix city and nature for a variety of pleasures.

🦶 Traveling abroad even if you have to fly (you're cutting back but you can't stop completely), discovering new cultures and natural landscapes is super important to you. When you're there, you avoid the tourist crowd.

Your vacation goal

👨‍🌾 Discovering landscapes, observing nature, taking time and taking care of myself: eating healthily, exercising, resting, disconnecting: no cell phones or computers!

🙈 Barbecuing, lounging by the pool, posting my best meals on insta, entertaining, partying around the clock. 

🦶 Do as many things as possible, to optimize the trip. And, try not to answer my work emails!

♻️ Take some time for myself! I need to take stock this summer, to start the coming year with a new dynamic.

Which quote inspires you?

🦶 "My favorite pastime is letting time go by, having time, taking time, wasting time, living against time." - François Sagan

👨‍🌾 "Nature is our wisest teacher. She teaches us humility, patience and harmony with the world around us." - Jane Goodall

🙈 "Competition is the driving force behind excellence. It's by striving to surpass others that we push ourselves to reach new heights." - Vince Lombardi

♻️ "Change is painful, but nothing is as painful as staying stuck where you no longer belong." - Nikki Giovanni

What type of show did you watch the most this year?

👨‍🌾 Documentaries on topical issues such as Our Planet, The true Cost and Seaspiracy.

🦶 A bit of everything: netflix series, documentaries, entertainment.

🙈 Entertainment or reality shows like Les Anges, The Voice, Koh-Lanta, I shun anything with "bad vibes".

♻️ Well-being shows like Bel & Bien and lifestyle change shows like The Minimalists.

What do you want to tell your friends when you get back from vacation?

👨‍🌾 "I met a great family, who live independently, in an eco-village in Savoie. It's decided, I'll spend my next vacation there!"

🙈 "I got sunburned at the beach, but I'm glad, now I'm all tanned!"

♻️ "I've taken some time for myself, to think about what I no longer want in my personal and professional life."

🦶"I've reconnected with my body and slowed down. These next few months, make way for change!"

Your best buy of the year was : 

🙈 The latest apple watch

👨‍🌾 A lumbri-composter

🦶  A e-reader 

♻️ A year-round yoga class

Your worst vacation fear:

🦶 Having missed THE thing to do!

♻️ Not taking the time to rest

👨‍🌾 Dragging me to fast-fashion boutiques

🙈 Golf courses to be closed due to drought

You find yourself with a group of climate activists on vacation:

🙈 "I'm running away, I'm not here to suffer, okay?"

♻️ "I listen to them, but I don't take part in the conversations. Since I'm not beyond reproach, I'm afraid of feeling judged."

👨‍🌾 "At last, people taking action! Can't wait to chat! "

🦶 "I admire the fight but I feel like I'm going to have to justify myself with my little everyday gestures. They're going to laugh in my face aren't they?"

We're offering you a sunset dinner. The plan? Take you there by private jet.

♻️ "Well, it's not very eco-friendly, so I'm a bit hesitant. The plan is perfect, but why not by boat?

🙈 "Jackpot. I'm going for it! "

🦶 "Not great for the environment. A few months ago I would have said yes, but now I prefer to decline, it doesn't make sense."

👨‍🌾 "It would wipe out my carbon footprint, which has been below 2 tonnes for the past 2 years. I'm in favor of banning private jets and with the current issues, I don't understand why we still offer this type of polluting transport! Dinner at sunset I can enjoy in a different way."

You have a maximum of 👨‍🌾: You want to drop everything! You have a revolutionary spirit that manifests itself when you've reached full maturity and are ready to let go of a lot of things, to live a life that suits you. Your aspiration doesn't lie in a luxurious suite at the Dubai Hilton, but rather in a rustic existence, close to nature, taking the time to live, independently, forging links with local collectives. Our summer recommendation is to take a well-deserved vacation and train in a ecolieu or a tiers-lieu, before embarking on your associative, ecovillage or permaculture project. Don't forget to preserve yourself so you can put your energy into what's important to you!

If you have a maximum of 🦶 : you're craving change. But you're not ready to throw everything away, and you're a little afraid of the consequences of your choices. What you'd like is to succeed in reconciling your professional and personal life. You'd also like to adapt your current job to the challenges of the ecological and social transition. You could start with CSR or circular economy training specific to your job: responsible communication, responsible marketing, digital, data, responsible shopping... Or your industry: kitchen, building, fashion and luxury...

If you have a maximum of ♻️: you're in the process of professional reconversion, you want to change your professional life: your job and your company.... You no longer feel aligned with your current job, and you feel the need for it to be consistent with your values and society's needs. What if you took advantage of the vacations to discover training courses like Ecolearn, Ecopia or Edeni to retrain for a job with a positive impact? You could also explore the thousands of impact jobs out there to inspire you into action?

If you have a maximum of 🙈: you're an ostrich: you've been living in your cave for the past few years and haven't heard a word about global warming. Or maybe you've just heard about it vaguely, without really being interested. For you, the IPCC is the Innovation Group for the Economy and Growth? Oops, you're closing your eyes... 🙈 Before we leave you to prepare your vacation in Bali, we'd still like to offer a word of advice: take advantage of the summer to educate yourself on ecological and social issues, read and listen to inspiring content on the subject! ;) 

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