Server/Waitress roles and missions

Waiters and waitresses perform essential work for restaurants, bars and similar establishments. They work closely with other staff and must be organized, caring and dynamic. Their main roles and missions are to:

Welcome customers and take their orders;

Prepare drinks and dishes if necessary;

Serve customers and ensure all their needs are met;

Check tables regularly and clean them;

Collect clients and process transactions;

Prepare expense reports and invoices;

Prepare equipment and products necessary for the service;

Keep the bar and kitchen clean and tidy;

Ensure compliance with health and safety standards.

In addition, Servers and Waitresses must be sensitive to the needs of customers and ensure that they have a positive experience during their visit. They must therefore provide excellent customer service and demonstrate professional and respectful behaviour at all times. The Servers and Waitresses must also show courtesy and politeness and be available to answer all customer questions. These are very demanding roles and missions, but they are very exciting and rewarding.

Salary and career development of the Server/ Waitress

A waiter is a restaurant professional who takes orders from customers, serves food and beverages, and ensures that customers are satisfied with their meal. The remuneration for this profession changes according to several criteria such as experience, city or restaurant location. In France, the average gross annual salary of a waiter or waitress is approximately €18,600. The annual gross salary changes for this profession according to experience are as follows:

0 to 2 years: 17,000 €

2 to 5 years: 18,500 €

5 to 10 years: 19 700 €

10 to 15 years: 22,000 €

Over 15 years: 24,500 €

A waiter may also consider advancing their career and moving to other positions. Here are 5 possible trades as examples:

Restaurant manager

Hotel Management Consultant

Sommelier / Sommelière

Rank commander

Head of Catering Personnel

Advantages and disadvantages of Server/ Waitress


Learn skills and knowledge useful for customer service and food service.

Interact with many different people and build relationships with regular customers.

Work in an exciting and changing industry.

Evolve rapidly through continuous learning and experience.

Performance pay.


Workers subject to varying hours and pressures.

May be in contact with difficult or rude customers.

Responsibility to serve multiple customers at the same time.

Can be long and tiring due to long standing hours.

May be prone to accidents and injuries.

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