Roles and tasks of the project manager

The project manager is a professional whose role is to effectively manage a project from start to finish. They ensure that the project runs according to plan and is completed on time. His/her main responsibilities are as follows

  • Ensuring planning and coordination between the various contributors to the project;
  • Determining the resources required and mobilising them;
  • Drawing up and maintaining an accurate and up-to-date schedule;
  • Monitor activities and deadlines;
  • Assessing and dealing with risks;
  • Manage the budgets and costs associated with each stage of the project;
  • Act as a link between the various stakeholders and ensure that information is communicated;
  • Monitor the quality of deliverables;
  • Manage conflicts and issues that may arise;
  • Providing regular reports and presentations on the progress of the project and the results achieved.

The Project Manager must therefore have great attention to detail and quality, an analytical and synthesising mind and excellent organisational skills to ensure that the project is completed on time and with the resources allocated to it.

Salary and career development for Project Managers

The Project Manager's job pays very well, and salaries vary according to experience and level of responsibility. Here is a list of gross annual salaries in France for Project Managers, broken down by years of experience:

  • 0 to 2 years: between €40k and €50k
  • 2 to 5 years: between €50k and €60k
  • 5 to 10 years: between €60k and €70k
  • 10 to 15 years: between €70 and €80k
  • More than 15 years: more than €80K

In addition to remuneration, Project Managers enjoy good prospects for career development. In fact, this profession can lead to positions of greater responsibility such as :

  • Project Director
  • Product manager
  • Project management consultant
  • Innovation manager
  • IT Project Manager.

If you become a Project Manager, you can look forward to a substantial salary and interesting career prospects.

Advantages and disadvantages of Project Manager


Great financial rewards: Project Managers can earn very high salaries and enjoy attractive benefits.

Variety of tasks: Project Managers are responsible for managing projects in a variety of sectors and can therefore gain a wide range of professional experience.

Continuous learning: Project Managers often need to keep up to date with the latest technologies and project management methods in order to live up to expectations.

Stimulating work environment: Project Managers often have the opportunity to work with people from different fields and backgrounds.

Career opportunities: Project Managers have the opportunity to work their way up to management level over time.


Big responsibility: Project Managers have to live up to expectations and be able to handle the pressure and constraints associated with the project.

Limited time: Because of deadlines and budget constraints, Project Managers have to manage their projects to very tight deadlines.

Frequent changes: Project Managers have to adapt quickly to changing and often unpredictable circumstances.

Low success rate: Project Managers have a very low success rate, resulting in considerable loss of time and money.

Stress: Project Managers are under extra pressure to meet deadlines and targets.

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