Roles and missions of the Teacher

A teacher is responsible for his or her classroom, and for ensuring the well-being and learning of his or her students. The following is a list of the main roles and responsibilities of a teacher:

Prepare lesson plans, activities and teaching materials for use in the classroom to achieve and maintain student interest.

Write and/or review assignments, tests and projects to ensure that students have acquired the skills they need to succeed.

Teach skills or knowledge required by school curricula.

Evaluate and grade student performance and provide constructive feedback that will enable students to correct and improve their performance.

Maintain good communication with parents and school administrators.

Provide advice and support to each student and report relevant information to parents and administration.

Mixing seriousness and fun in the learning process.

Establish a safe and respectful learning atmosphere in which students feel comfortable asking questions and expressing themselves.

Motivate students to learn and succeed by providing constant encouragement and goals to achieve.

Identify students' learning difficulties and help them overcome them.

A teacher plays an important role in the development of youth and the training of future leaders. Teachers are also educators who show their students healthy and constructive ways of interacting and communicating with others.

Teacher's salary and career development

A Teacher's salary is one of the most important in the field of education. The gross annual salary depends on experience and years of service. Here's an overview of gross annual salary trends for a teacher in France:

0 to 2 years: between 22,500 and 29,500 euros.

2 to 5 years: between 29,500 and 37,500 euros.

5 to 10 years: between 37,500 and 45,000 euros.

10 to 15 years: between 45,000 and 55,000 euros.

Over 15 years: 55,000 euros and more.

Teachers wishing to develop their careers can turn to a number of different professions. For example, they can become school administrators, inspectors, educational coordinators, trainers or researchers.

Advantages and disadvantages of Teacher


To be part of a system that enables positive change and helps shape the leaders of tomorrow.

Having the opportunity to share your knowledge and experience with students preparing for life.

See your students grow and thank you for their help.

Practice demanding professional skills such as group work and time management.

Work in a stimulating and dynamic environment.


Long working hours and demands in terms of lesson preparation.

Lack of recognition and support from administrations.

Difficulties in coping with the demands of students and parents.

Unpaid overtime for preparation and research.

Stress and pressure to succeed.

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