Branch Manager - Mandaue City

Long-term contract
Localisation Mandaue City, Philippines
No remote
3 yrs of exp.
Posted on 12-18-2023

E&V Water and Life, Philippines Inc.

From French vision to Filipino taps, E&V Water and Life weaves water access, hygiene education, and community resilience into a tapestry of inclusive urban life.

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  • Nonprofit organization
  • Between 50 and 250 employees
  • Water
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Tubig Pag Asa (TPA), Filipino social business company, created by the French NGO Eau & Vie ( is specialized in water supply in urban slums of the Philippines, aiming at creating quality-controlled, piped and metered water supply networks which are financially viable, socially responsible and adapted to the needs of urban poor.

Tubig Pag Asa works in close association with Water & Life Philippines, (W&L Philippines) Filipino non-profit organization, created by Eau & Vie is active in the Philippines in the livelihood development of Urban Slum dwellers implementing Water Network, Firefighting, Hygiene promotion, sanitation and solid waste management activities

Both W&L Philippines and TPA engaged in partnerships with the local communities, authorities, water operator and other development stakeholders through three branches in Cebu, Cavite and Leyte.

POSITION: Branch Manager

JOB LEVEL: Manager Level 2 (M2)

LOCATION: Cebu Branch

REPORTING TO: TPA Program Manager (PM) and Operations Manager

COORDINATION: With Country Director, TPA Engineer, HR Manager, Finance and Administrative Manager and Branch Managers.


The Branch Manager is responsible for the results of the branch. He has to make sure that the roles & responsibilities of each employee of the branch are respected. He is responsible for the implementation of the Action Plan in his branch, with the support of the Operations Manager and the Program Manager.


As Branch Manager, their responsibility shall include but shall not be limited to the following:


  • Ensures all administrative policies of the organization are well-implemented including Human Resource and Procurement;
  • Suggests, develop and implements office rules and regulations in line current with HR policies and procedures and the overall mission and vision of the organization;
  • Coordinates to the head office human resource department regarding the recruitment, training, resignation, evaluation, promotion and disciplinary actions of personnel;
  • Reports monthly, to the human resources department, the attendance, leave records and its schedules, including the shuffling of staff, if applicable;
  • Ensures that all legal requirements pertaining to the Branch’s operation are up to date – e.g. business permits, employee statutory remittances, remittances to the head office for BIR purposes, as well as the drafting of contracts – Memorandum of Agreements, Lease Contracts and affidavits;
  • Monitors the proper implementation of the memorandum orders of the Head Office and other policies therein issued by the Board from time to time;
  • Ensures the safeguarding of all company properties, equipment, and accessories, including the regular verification of its updated physical inventory, (at least monthly and at most at the end of the calendar year);
  • Coordinates with E&V Water and Life Philippines, Inc., for any activity that requires the support of the area staff;
  • Represents the organization within the area for meetings and other activities requiring the presence of the Program Manager, provided that such representation will not negate the organization and with an authority be it in email, text or recorded telephone conversation;
  • Supervises and guides branch personnel in the daily performance of their tasks keeping in mind objectives and goals of the branch;

Accounting and Finance:

  • Ensures all financial policies and procedures are well implemented.
  • Verifies daily the proper cash management of the collection
  • Verifies the validity and completeness of supporting documents and approves disbursements – Check Disbursements and Petty Cash Disbursements before the actual payment or issuance of check;
  • Prepares the monthly budget of the branch
  • Monitors the monthly budget versus the actual expenditures of the area;
  • Verifies monthly reports of the area before submission to the head office for consolidation (e.g. check register, cash book, monthly billing, report of new connections, report of collections, report of deposits, etc.);
  • Reports any deviation (positive, negative, as is) of the financial target/business plan from the actual results;
  • Verifies the amount of Receivables – Consumption and Connection Fees balances as well as the monitoring of Areas;
  • Monitors the issuance of receipts and ensures that as much as possible, the receipts for purchases are valid;
  • Ensures the sequence of check vouchers, petty cash vouchers, liquidation reports and checks issued;
  • Informs and seeks approval of single transactions or disbursements or similar transactions to the Program Manager;
  • Conducts random cash counts to validate the cash balances;
  • Safeguards cash boxes, vaults and storage of important documents;


  • Issues job orders to the technical and verifies the encoding of the stock movements in the inventory;
  • Ensures and monitors that the water system in the areas is working, potable and safe to the concessionaires at all times;
  • Monitors and reports, in coordination with the Project Engineer, the status of construction & maintenance in progress of the project;
  • Verifies technical reports manifested by the technical team;
  • Prepares the monthly report of the branch and submit it to Head Office before the deadline;
  • Ensures that the plans, designs, layouts for the installation, rehabilitation and repairs have been complied with and in accordance with the technical procedures of the organization
  • Initiates the education of potential concessionaires to the terms and policies established by the organization, as well as the partnership involvement with W&L;
  • Monitors closely the locked meters in the areas,
  • Manages personnel in attending concerns and complaints of concessionaires;
  • Ensures that the minimum targets on the number of new active connections set monthly, quarterly, semi-annually and annually have been reached;
  • Ensures that water losses are in the area are kept at an acceptable level;
  • Regularly visits the areas to meet the concessionaires, the communities, to follow the poor paying customers, to solve some complaints, to follow activities of the field staff.
  • Coordinates with W&L for survey, mapping, prospection of a new area;
  • Coordinates with the partners involved in the project;
  • Performs field visits to potential new areas to open in close coordination with the Operation Manager, and meet local partners in order to open those new areas;
  • Implement the safety policy in the branch (use of safety equipments for the plumbers, securing the office in case of natural disaster);
  • Performs other tasks as maybe delegated.



  • University degree holder from a reputable university


  • Minimum 3 years of work experience in similar position
  • (Previous NGO or Water Sector experience is an advantage)


The applicant must demonstrate the following skills and attributes:

  • Spoken, understanding and reading English and Bisaya
  • Proven skills on Microsoft Office
  • Effective negotiation skills
  • High capacity to work with minimum supervision & a high level of initiative
  • Proven analytical and critical thinking skills


The applicant must demonstrate the following personal attributes:

  • Dynamic and resourceful
  • Autonomy
  • Challenge-oriented
  • Team player
  • Community-oriented
  • Effective verbal and listening communications skills
  • Flexible
  • Respectful
  • Consistent and fair
  • High level of integrity
  • Rigor and methodology

Apply by submitting your CV and cover letter.