Sales Program Manager - Jakarta

Long-term contract
Localisation Jakarta, Indonesia
Partial remote possible
Posted on 05-30-2024

Lever Foundation

Works with talented entrepreneurs across mainland China and Southeast Asia to create new alternative protein companies and offer critical early support

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Job Description

As a Sustainability Program Manager, you will work in a sales- and advocacy-style role to build relationships and collaborate with leading domestic and multinational food companies (restaurant chains, caterers, retailers, hospitality groups, and packaged good companies) to help them incorporate sustainable foods such as cage-free eggs into their supply chain.

In recent years, in response to increasing concern for sustainability and animal welfare, over 2,000 companies worldwide have pledged to use cage-free eggs in their operations. Many of these commitments have been generated by Lever Foundation and the colleagues you will be working with. Cage-free eggs are far more humane for animals, are much higher in food safety for consumers, and have become an important part of many companies' corporate sustainability pledges.

In this role with Lever Foundation, you will help educate more companies on the sustainability, animal welfare, and economic benefits of making this supply chain shift. You will provide industry updates, connect these companies with potential suppliers, and provide other resources to help them understand and make progress on the issue. In order to identify and engage new food companies, you will do online research, write and send emails, make calls, and conduct visits and meetings with companies. The role is similar to a sales role, except rather than selling a product or service you will be selling the idea of implementing an improved sustainability policy.

You’ll work from home and hours are full-time but highly flexible. You’ll have wonderful colleagues who will work with and support you. You’ll stay in close touch with them through calls, email and messages.

Through this work you will have hands-on experience working with leading food companies on corporate sustainability, with room for advancement to managerial or other positions.


Skills and Qualifications Needed

We do not require any particular educational or work background; instead, we're looking for a candidate with the specific personality traits and skills needed to succeed in this job:

  • Excellent interpersonal communication skills, with strong ability to persuade and engage others
  • Ability to work highly independently, with a very strong work ethic
  • Resiliency—when you are ignored or brushed off, it does not discourage you but rather motivates you to try harder
  • Personal interest in sustainability and/or animal welfare
  • Significant sales or sales-style experience is a very strong plus but not required