Recruiter Manager - Manila

Long-term contract
Localisation Manila, Philippines
No remote
3 yrs of exp.
Posted on 02-23-2024

EDGE Tutor International

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About Us:

At EDGE Tutor International, we are on a mission to create the best home for the best Filipino teachers.

As a Sr. Recruiter, you will play a crucial role in building an exceptional teaching team, contributing directly to the quality of education we provide.

The Role: Recruiter Manager

As a Recruiter Manager, you will be a key member of our recruitment team, focused on identifying, evaluating, and onboarding top-tier educators who align with our platform's vision. Your responsibilities will include exceeding targets, nurturing candidates, ensuring their success in the first month, and maintaining the highest standards of quality in the recruitment process.

Key Responsibilities:

Talent Scouting: Actively seek out top teaching talent using innovative strategies for candidate discovery.

Thorough Selection: Manage a meticulous selection process, conducting interviews and assessments to identify educators who align with our vision.

Teaching Excellence: Evaluate candidates' pedagogical abilities through tech checks and dynamic demo lessons, ensuring only the finest educators are selected.

Smooth Onboarding: Guide new teachers through their onboarding journey, ensuring seamless integration into the EDGE Tutor community.

Enhanced Engagement: Implement initiatives to cultivate a supportive teacher community, enhancing retention and overall satisfaction.

Strategic Collaborations: Establish and nurture partnerships with external educational entities to expand recruitment opportunities.

Training and Leadership: Develop and deliver training programs for new and existing recruitment team members. Provide leadership and guidance to the recruitment team, fostering a collaborative and high-performing culture. Stay updated on industry best practices and incorporate them into training modules.

  • Requirements:


  • Experience: Minimum of 3 to 5 years in recruiting, preferably in a high-volume, target, and KPI-driven environment, such as BPO recruiting.
  • Sales Acumen: Ability to identify and engage potential talent effectively.
  • Friendly and Welcoming: A warm and approachable personality to connect with candidates.
  • Attention to Detail: Meticulous in evaluating candidates.


  • Educational Insight: A background in teaching is not necessary, but a deep understanding of educational standards will be beneficial.
  • Effective Evaluation: Develop insightful evaluation methods instrumental in selecting exceptional educators.
  • Engagement Focus: Passion for crafting engaging activities to foster a sense of belonging and encourage teacher loyalty.
  • Partnership Skill: Ability to form and nurture external partnerships to enhance recruitment opportunities.

Your Contribution:

Your pivotal role in forming an exceptional teaching team directly impacts the quality of education provided by EDGE Tutor International. Your discerning eye for talent, dedication to engagement, and partnership proficiency will be instrumental in attracting exceptional educators to our platform and building a community that thrives on excellence.

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If you're inspired by the pursuit of exceptional educators, possess the finesse for engagement strategies, and are eager to forge impactful partnerships, seize the opportunity to lead our recruitment endeavors. Join EDGE Tutor International and play a defining role in reshaping education, one exceptional teacher at a time. Apply now and drive excellence with us!

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