Senior Account Manager - Quezon City

Long-term contract
Localisation Quezon City, Philippines
No remote
5 yrs of exp.
Posted on 02-23-2024

EDGE Tutor International

Enhance your learning experience with EDGE. We provide exceptional online tutoring services, delivered by qualified tutors available 24/7.

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Join Our Dynamic Team: Elevate Account Management at EDGE Tutor

At EDGE Tutor International, we're not just providing rewarding and meaningful opportunities for Filipino teachers - we are elevating it.

Who We Are: Pioneering Excellence

Founded in 2022 by Harvard alumnus Henry Motte-Muñoz, EDGE Tutor is on a mission to redefine online tutoring. Emerging from the esteemed, we've curated a team of experts from global giants like Education First, VIPKID, 51Talk, and the world’s most successful tutoring platforms.

The Role: Your Impact

As an accomplished Senior Account Manager at EDGE Tutor, with a minimum of 5 years of relevant experience, you transcend the role of a mere liaison to become a pivotal strategic partner. Your proficiency in understanding the intricate operational needs of our partners and creating customized solutions plays a pivotal role in shaping the educational future of their students. Your achievements are not solely measured by effective account management but by your adeptness in customer retention, finely tuned through meticulous attention to detail, prompt responsiveness, and a keen understanding of the elements influencing conversion, renewal, and overall customer satisfaction within your designated market. In this senior capacity, you wield a significant influence in enhancing our client relationships, thereby contributing substantially to the enduring success and growth of EDGE Tutor.

Your Key Contributions:

  • Client-First Relationships: Nurture robust relationships with B2B clients, ensuring they experience a partnership, not just a service.
  • Understanding Client Objectives: Dive deep into each client's needs, uncovering academic aspirations and operational requirements with precision.
  • Holistic Solution Delivery: Collaborate cross-functionally to provide bespoke solutions exceeding client expectations.
  • Proactive Engagement: Regularly check in, review, and meet, ensuring client satisfaction and uncovering new avenues of support.
  • Metrics Success: Transform metrics into goals, with your strategic prowess driving achievements in attendance, punctuality, headcount fulfillment, customer satisfaction, and renewal rate.
  • Champion of Satisfaction: Rapidly address client concerns, maintaining high satisfaction levels and fostering long-term loyalty.
  • Insightful Reporting: Craft and deliver comprehensive reports, keeping our management team informed and guiding the way to future excellence.

Your Setup:

Time: You’re expected to be available when your clients operate as the first step to effective client relationships.

  • Available Accounts: 1. Central European Timezone, 2. US Timezone
  • Work Deliver: Remote 90% of the time, requiring 2x operational meetings in Manila

Your Profile for Senior Account Manager Role

  • Educational Foundation: Possess a degree in education, business administration, marketing, or a related field, or demonstrate equivalent hands-on experience.
  • Proven Expertise: Showcase a robust track record of a minimum of 5 years in account management, sales, or customer relations, with a preference for experience within the education sector.
  • Effective Communication: Demonstrate stellar communication, negotiation, and presentation skills to engage clients and internal teams effectively, reflecting your senior role.
  • Problem-Solving Mastery: Exhibit exceptional proficiency in resolving challenges, adeptly applying a customer-centric approach to craft tailored solutions that align with the complexities of our educational partners.
  • Master of Multitasking: Display independence and finesse in juggling multiple educational accounts, showcasing your ability to prioritize tasks efficiently within a senior capacity.
  • Leadership Skills: Strong leadership capabilities, evidenced by your ability to guide and influence teams toward common objectives, a critical component of the senior account manager role.
  • Educational Advocacy: Express a genuine passion for education coupled with a strong drive to impact the educational community positively. Your commitment to bettering the educational landscape aligns seamlessly with the senior responsibilities of the role.

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