Head of Agriculture Solutions - South Jakarta

Long-term contract
Localisation South Jakarta, Indonesia
Partial remote possible
4 yrs of exp.
Posted on 04-26-2024

Edufarmers International

It is our mission to create the future leaders of Indonesia's agriculture sector by helping current Indonesian farmers succeed and creating and training aspiring young farmers.

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Develop revenue model & business strategy, and generate revenue that can support, scale, and sustain Plaza Bertani Ecosystem

  • Create business planning, financial model, and other relevant budgeting template/model.
  • Business development and assessment for different Plaza Bertani locations.
  • Develop and implement the execution of revenue generating business activities such as agriculture solutions center, agri-business, and other business partnering with the relevant private sectors.
  • Work with the partnership and fundraising team to support the grantmaking activities from exxternal donors and sponsors.
  • Ensure deliverables are fulfilled on time and targets are achieved.

Create professionally-run farmers cooperatives as part of the Plaza Bertani Ecosystem

  • Create system: governance, business development, operations, management.
  • Train farmers to run system effectively.
  • Develop farming cooperatives businesses, for example saving money and giving loans, agri-input shop, output aggregation, seedling nursery, post-harvest processing, etc.
  • Act as a trusted advisory board for existing local farmer cooperatives, offering expertise and strategic guidance.

Build trust and long-term relationship with farmers in the Plaza Bertani Ecosystem through farmers influencing and community building

  • Build a sense of community and shared purpose with identity elements (clothing, symbols, song, motto, etc.).
  • Create membership systems to foster belonging and access to benefits.
  • Publicly recognize and reward farmers demonstrating exceptional results, motivating others.
  • Facilitate online communities (FB, WA) for ongoing engagement and knowledge exchange outside of physical meetings.
  • Facilitate regular community meetings to promote knowledge sharing and peer support among farmers
  • Conduct and track farmers’ trials and SOP adoption (induced by Farmer Field School), incentivizing success stories.
  • Identify and empower Pelopor (farmer leaders) through training-of-trainers and leadership programs.

Requirement and Qualifications

  • Bachelor or master’s degree in business, agribusiness, management, social development, or other relevant fields.
  • Minimum of 5 (five) years of professional experience in business development, business operations, team management, and community building / management.
  • Have a track record in successfully leading a project from the design phase to the implementation phase and achieving the target.
  • Having agriculture or agribusiness related background is a plus.

Expected Professional Competencies

  • Strategic thinking/visioning: able to see and communicate the big picture in an inspiring way. Determines opportunities and threats through comprehensive analysis of current and future trends.
  • Organization and planning: plans, organizes, schedules, and budgets in an efficient, productive manner. Focuses on key priorities.
  • Persistence: demonstrates tenacity and willingness to go the distance to get something done. Strong problem-solving and critical thinking skills, have the ability to make a cohesive connection and solution out of available scattered information.
  • Proactivity: acts without being told what to do. Brings new ideas to the company.
  • High standards: expects personal performance and team performance to be nothing short of the best.
  • Attention to detail: does not let important details slip through the cracks or derail a project.
  • Communication: strong written and spoken communication, able to create and deliver powerful presentation (English and Indonesian).

Expected Cultural Competencies

  • Impact and customer oriented: focus on impact for farmers and other customers (e.g. donor, external partners).
  • Collaboration: able to lead a team and work with other teams in the organization, open minded and can sense opportunities to collaborate with external stakeholders.
  • Fast-paced and entrepreneurial: be practical, able to try, evaluate, and iterate the process when developing something.

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