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Localisation Indonesia
Online store
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2 yrs of exp.
Posted on 01-31-2024

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🚀 Join Our Team: Android Developer Wanted! 🚀

We are on the lookout for a talented and passionate Android Developer to join our dynamic team. If you have a minimum of two years of experience in the field and possess expertise in the following areas, we want to hear from you!


Key Requirements:

✅ Kotlin: Proficiency in Kotlin is a must. We're looking for developers who can harness the power of this modern programming language for Android app development.

✅ Design Pattern - MVVM: Experience in implementing the MVVM (Model-View-ViewModel) design pattern to ensure scalable and maintainable code.

✅ Dagger: Strong proficiency with Dagger for dependency injection. Your ability to efficiently manage dependencies is crucial to our success.

✅ RESTful API: A solid understanding of working with RESTful APIs to ensure seamless communication between the Android app and server.

✅ GCP (Google Cloud Platform): Familiarity with GCP tools and services for cloud-based solutions. Experience in deploying and maintaining Android apps on the cloud is a definite plus.

✅ MySQL: Proficient in working with MySQL databases. Your expertise in database management is vital for the efficient storage and retrieval of app data.

✅ Clean Architecture: Knowledge and application of Clean Architecture principles. We believe in writing code that is not only functional but also easy to understand and maintain.

Advantageous Skills:

🌟 Swift: While not mandatory, knowledge of Swift will be considered a significant advantage. If you can bring expertise in both Android (Kotlin) and iOS (Swift) development, we want to hear from you!


🕒 Minimum Two Years: We are seeking candidates with a minimum of two years of hands-on experience in Android development. Show us what you've accomplished in your journey so far!