Project Monitoring and Verifications - Jakarta

Long-term contract
Localisation Jakarta, Indonesia
Partial remote possible
Posted on 04-05-2024


Leader in supply chain sustainability. We work with local communities to develop regenerative agriculture, agroforestry, forest conservation and landscape restoration projects worldwide.

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Project Monitoring and Verifications (Indonesia)

Based in Jakarta, Indonesia

Full time position, local contract

Field travels: Around 70%

Start : ASAP 2024


PUR is a global leader in supply chain sustainability. We develop socio-environmental projects within the supply chains of our Corporate Partners. Through the economic and social empowerment of local communities and the introduction of sustainable development initiatives at the agricultural level, PUR seeks to address climate change, while regenerating and preserving the ecosystems upon which these supply chains depend. Many of PUR's projects fall within the categories of insetting, regenerative agriculture, agroforestry, forest conservation, and landscape restoration. PUR is a B Corp Company that employs over 200 people and has a presence in 10 countries.

PUR is looking for an autonomous, team player, dynamic Project Monitoring & Verifications in Indonesia

As a key member of the Project team, you will report to the Project Monitoring & Evaluation Manager in Jakarta and the main objective of this position is to lead the field measurement of the project’s key indicators and to provide feedback or insights from the field to the project team. The monitoring officer will serve as the primary position to measure project’s progress at Monitoring 1 and Monitoring 2. And where necessary, to conduct additional measurements or survey of the project.

Your responsibilities include but are not limited to :

A. Project management:

  • Working closely with the Project Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Manager to develop strategy and plan on field survey for monitoring purposes. This includes aligning with the project’s wave timeline, reporting period, and workload management for monitoring activities.

  • Recruit and maintain enumerator team as the primary team for monitoring. The monitoring officer is also expected to lead the team during the field monitoring.

  • Supporting the Project M&E Manager to provide training and capacity building for the enumerator team, both internal and partner’s technician. He/she will ensure that the team has the essential integrity, understanding, and skills to properly gather and measure project’s key indicators.

  • Coordinate with the project officer and implementation partner to effectively conduct the field monitoring. Where applicable, to support the implementing partner to conduct the project monitoring. In this circumstance, his or her roles will ensure that the partner properly measures the project’s key indicators.

  • Coordinate and in-consultation with the Data team for questionnaire testing and communicating the troubles on data collection tools. If necessary, he/she also contribute to adapt the questionnaire form and provide feedback to the data team in improving the questionnaire form.

  • With close coordination with the Project Monitoring and Evaluation Manager, to manage budget and execute expenditure related to monitoring activities. This includes invoicing process and to communicate to the finance team on the payment schedule.

B. Deliverable management:

  • Responsible for submitting complete monitoring data to PUR’s internal system and developing field report of the monitoring process. The field report should indicate the initial results of the project’s key indicators.

  • Contribute to implement the project schedules and manage deliverables related to project’s monitoring and results reporting. He/she will also provide insights and improvement strategy for the team and implementing partner to enhance or overcome challenges in delivering projects and achieving results.

C. Partnership and representation

  • Identify local research firms to conduct monitoring or specific studies based on the needs and PUR’s internal strategy.

  • Represent PUR Projet at the manager’s request.

D. Education and Innovation

  • Work with team members across PUR Projet’s global team to share information, knowledge and best practices.

  • Provide feedback and suggestions to continually improve PUR Projet’s project management, and communications tools & procedures, to ensure PUR Projet continues to offer industry leading services and opportunities to its partners and clients.

E. Culture and communities

  • Support a healthy, effective and impact oriented work environment as part of the PUR Projet team.

  • Participate in internal workshops, seminars, and social events to help carry PUR Projet’s strong sense of community.

  • Demonstrate your individual character, nature within the company and support others to do the same.

F. Research and design (Where applicable, to:)

  • Provide research summaries and briefs on specific crops and production systems in temperate and tropical countries.

  • Research and evaluate the application of various ecosystem restoration and regenerative agriculture approaches to specific crop and landscape applications.

  • Research and stay up to date on regenerative agriculture and carbon frameworks, certifications and marketplaces.

  • Conduct literature reviews and prepare summaries of complex environmental and agricultural topics and communicate research findings to non-scientific audiences.

Key Competencies

  1. Demonstrate commitment to complete the allocated tasks while achieving the expected standard. The person should be quality driven and operate in compliance with the company’s regulations and procedures.

  2. Experience in field monitoring and survey is a must. He/she as the ability to plan, organize, and conduct survey with various methods, preferably in forestry sectors or smallholder farmers.

  3. Sound understanding of monitoring and evaluation, specifically on results measurements methodology, verifies and records data.

  4. Proven organizational and interpersonal skills, able to work effectively in multicultural team. This includes supports open communication and encourages teamwork.

  5. Essential computer skills, preferably with sound experience in computer assisted personal interview tools such as Kobo Toolbox, CSPro, CommCare. Essentially, data analysis using spreadsheets or statistical software is required for this role.

You are passionate about sustainability and curious about other types of ecosystems and solutions for biodiversity and climate change mitigation and you want to have a strong impact, this position is for you !!


We are looking for a candidate with:

  • Bachelor or Master degree in forestry management or natural resource management would be an advantage.

  • Minimum 2 to 3 years of experience in organizing surveys and managing team of field enumerators.

  • Knowledge and experience in designing M&E systems and conducting results measurement in reforestation project is a must.

  • Experience with community-driven projects will be a strong asset.

  • Understanding and proficiency in basic computer applications such as MS Words, Excel, and data base management.

  • Must be fluent in English and Bahasa.

Recruitment process :

  1. HR interview
  2. Case study + referral check
  3. Final interview with Country Manager
  4. Offer