Roles and missions of market gardeners

Market gardeners are farmers who grow and sell fresh produce in open fields. The roles and responsibilities of a market gardener are varied and essential to the production of quality fresh produce. Here's a list of the main duties and responsibilities:

Taking care of crops: Market gardeners must keep a close eye on their land and its crops. They are responsible for planting, cultivating and harvesting fresh produce.

Crop monitoring: Market gardeners must ensure that their crops are healthy and free from disease and pests. They must also ensure that crops are not damaged by bad weather.

Fresh produce and safety: Market gardeners must take care of the equipment and tools needed to grow fresh produce. They must also ensure that their crops and fresh produce are safe and free from contaminants.

Inventory management: Market gardeners must manage their inventories by monitoring their levels and purchasing new raw materials or selling fresh produce.

Fresh produce sales: Market gardeners must sell their fresh produce. They must also establish relationships with customers and suppliers, and ensure that their fresh produce reaches customers on time.

Environmental management : Market gardeners must ensure that their crops are environmentally friendly and that they use sustainable production methods.

In addition to these tasks, market gardeners are also responsible for the upkeep and management of farmland, and for ensuring compliance with environmental regulations.

Salary and career development for market gardeners

A market gardener's salary depends on a number of factors, and can vary according to years of experience:

0 to 2 years: €17,000 to €21,000

2 to 5 years: €21,500 to €26,000

5 to 10 years: €26,500 to €33,000

10 to 15 years: €33,500 to €40,000

Over 15 years: €41,000 to €50,000

A Maraîcher / Maraîchère can also opt for a career development perspective thanks to additional training and varied experience. Here are a few examples:

Crop manager

Production manager

Agricultural consultant

Market garden production trainer

Sustainable development officer

Advantages and disadvantages of being a market gardener


Relationship with nature and customers - The opportunity to spend time outdoors and work with customers on the farm is very enjoyable.

Physical exercise - Market gardening is a very physical job, which can be very good for your health.

Taking responsibility - As a market gardener, you'll be responsible for the smooth running of your business and farm.

Good remuneration - Market gardeners can earn money by selling their produce and working in the agricultural sector.

Use of technology - Market gardeners can use technology and digital tools to improve their production and skills.


Bad weather - Market gardeners generally work outdoors, which can be very uncomfortable and sometimes dangerous in bad weather.

Hard, physical labor - The physical labor required by the job can be very demanding, requiring great physical and mental strength.

Agricultural risks - Most crops are exposed to a number of risks, including drought, flooding or pests, which can have a negative impact on their operations.

Environmental responsibilities - Market gardeners must take steps to protect the environment and limit the use of chemicals on their crops.

Long working hours - Market gardeners have to spend long hours cultivating and harvesting their crops, which can be very tiring.

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