Roles and missions of the Customer Success Manager / CSM

The Customer Success Manager (CSM) is the main point of contact between a company and its customers. They work closely with customers to ensure that their products and services meet customer expectations and needs. The main roles and missions of a CSM are:

Provide technical support and advice to customers, proposing solutions and strategies that are appropriate for them.

Evaluate customer feedback and work with internal development team to make necessary improvements.

Develop service plans and strategies to ensure customers get the best possible service.

Monitor and evaluate customer satisfaction and collect feedback to improve their experience.

Develop loyalty programs and promotions to encourage customers to purchase additional products and renew their subscription.

Identify products and services that are most in demand by customers and work with sales forces to develop loyalty and promotion tools.

Identify new sales and business development opportunities and work with sales forces to exploit them.

Ensure the follow-up of the customers and the statuses of the various projects.

Train new customers and guide them to get the most out of the products and services offered.

Prepare reports and data analysis to inform the management team of service and product performance.

Salary and career development of the Customer Success Manager / CSM

A Customer Success Manager (CSM) is a technology and service professional who helps customers get the most out of vendor products and services. CSMs are compensated according to the level of responsibility and the amount of work their role entails. Overall, the salary of CSMs is usually between €30,000 and €65,000 per year in France. Smart list of annual gross salary changes in France by years of experience for a Customer Success Manager / CSM:

0 to 2 years: between €25,000 and €40,000 per year

2 to 5 years: between €40,000 and €55,000 per year

5 to 10 years: between €55,000 and €70,000 per year

10 to 15 years: between €70,000 and €90,000 per year

More than 15 years: more than €90,000 per year

List of 5 possible professions in perspective of career development for a Customer Success Manager / CSM:

Product manager

Account manager

Technology consultant

Sales manager

Advantages and disadvantages of Customer Success Manager / CSM


Ability to build long-term relationships with clients and provide them with personalized support.

Excellent learning and skills development opportunities.

Opportunity to work in a variety of fields and sectors.

You can drive initiatives that drive customer engagement and product and service adoption.

You can share your knowledge and expertise with clients and colleagues


The pressure to achieve quick and tangible results.

Building a lasting and personal relationship with customers can be difficult.

Overtime may be required to support customer needs.

Understanding the different products and services can take extra time and effort.

Customers can be difficult to manage and to please.

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