Roles and missions of the Customer Service Director / Customer Service Director

The Customer Service Manager is responsible for managing and improving the customer experience and customer satisfaction. Its role and missions are essential for the proper functioning of the activities and the growth of the market. The main roles and missions of a customer service director / customer service director are as follows:

Define and implement strategies to improve customer experience and customer satisfaction.

Ensure that customer service is in accordance with defined standards and processes.

Develop and implement training plans and programs for customer service staff.

Identify and resolve customer issues and complaints.

Understand the needs and expectations of customers and communicate them to the teams concerned.

Manage relationships with suppliers and develop partnerships to improve the conditions and efficiency of customer service.

Develop marketing and public relations campaigns to improve company awareness and visibility.

Develop tools and reports to monitor customer service effectiveness.

Establish and maintain good relationships with customers and suppliers.

Analyze and optimize processes and procedures to improve efficiency and quality of services.

The customer service manager/director of customer service plays a key role in achieving the company's objectives. He is responsible for customer satisfaction and improving the customer experience. He is responsible for implementing strategies and initiatives to improve customer satisfaction and find new ways to retain customers.

Salary and career development of the Customer Service Director / Customer Service Director

The salary of a Customer Service Manager / Customer Service Manager is highly dependent on their experience and training. In France, the gross annual salary is scaled as follows according to years of experience:

0 to 2 years: between €40,000 and €50,000

2 to 5 years: between €50,000 and €65,000

5 to 10 years: between €65,000 and €80,000

10 to 15 years: between €80,000 and €90,000

More than 15 years: more than €90,000

Customer Service Managers can also consider various career development opportunities. Among them, we can cite:

Marketing Manager

Sales manager

management consultant

Business development manager

Quality and Customer Service Director

Advantages and disadvantages of Directeur service client / directrice service client


An opportunity to work with clients and provide them with excellent service.

The opportunity to develop technical skills and expertise.

Opportunities for advancement and professional growth.

The ability to develop and implement customer service strategies.

Competitive compensation and benefits.


Sometimes long working hours and flexible schedules.

Constant pressure to meet and exceed goals.

A great responsibility and possible consequences for customer service.

Possible tensions between the objectives of the department and those of the company.

Constant demands to improve customer service and processes.

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