Project Manager for Social Projects - Quezon City

💡 Responsible products or services
Long-term contract
Short-term contract
Localisation Quezon City, Philippines
Occasional remote authorized
Posted on 01-31-2024


RIPPLEx partners with Sari Sari stores to provide tech enabled refilling dispensers that offers consumers reasonably priced high quality products without the use of single-use sachet plastic.

💡 Responsible products or services

The company's mission is to design eco-responsible products and services aligned with the needs of the ecological transformation.

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  1. Project Planning:
  2. Collaborate with stakeholders to define project scope, goals, and deliverables.
  3. Develop detailed project plans, timelines, and resource allocation.
  4. Team Leadership:
  5. Lead and motivate cross-functional project teams.
  6. Assign tasks, set priorities, and ensure team members are aligned with project goals.
  7. Stakeholder Communication:
  8. Establish clear communication channels with internal and external stakeholders.
  9. Provide regular project updates, status reports, and ensure effective information flow.
  10. Budget and Resource Management:
  11. Monitor project budgets and expenses.
  12. Allocate resources efficiently and effectively to meet project requirements.
  13. Risk Management:
  14. Identify potential risks and develop risk mitigation strategies.
  15. Proactively address challenges and changes in project scope.
  16. Quality Assurance:
  17. Ensure project deliverables meet quality standards and client expectations.
  18. Implement quality control measures throughout the project lifecycle.
  19. Timeline Adherence:
  20. Track project milestones and deliverables to ensure adherence to timelines.
  21. Implement adjustments to the project plan as necessary.
  22. Documentation and Reporting:
  23. Maintain comprehensive project documentation.
  24. Generate regular progress reports and post-project evaluations.
  25. Change Management:
  26. Manage changes to project scope, schedule, and costs.
  27. Assess the impact of changes and communicate adjustments to stakeholders.
  28. Client Relationship Management:
  29. Cultivate positive relationships with clients and stakeholders.
  30. Address client inquiries and concerns promptly.


College graduate

Open to experienced project/events managers and fresh graduates



College graduate/ Bachelor's degree holder

Open to experienced professionals with relevant project management or events management experience

Open to fresh graduates seeking for their first full time employment

Open to individuals who are flexible and are problem solvers